Image previewWhere did you graduate from?

  •  2005: College of Saint Benedict (Major: Psychology; Minor: Communication)
  •  2007: Ball State University (Masters of Science: Sport and Exercise Psychology)
  •  2012: The University of Iowa (PhD: Health and Human Physiology; Emphasis: Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity)

What do you like to study?

  • As a certified mental performance consultant I am interested in studying how mental skills training can enhance athlete, coach and exercise participants’ performance. I am also interested in studying how health behaviors impact overall health and well-being.
What got you interested in this area you focus on studying?
  • I have always been interested in human behavior and in particular what motivates people to engage in the behaviors that they choose to participate in. I have always loved sport and exercise so I combined my interests of sport and exercise with behavior and found the field of sport and exercise psychology. 
What is your favorite part of teaching as a professor?
  • I love when students catch on and are able to connect what we discuss in class to their own experiences/the real world. It is very gratifying to watch students learn to be critical thinkers and apply their knowledge both in and out of the classroom. I also enjoy supporting students’ development to help them achieve their academic, professional and personal goals.
What are you looking forward to with working at UWGB?
  • I am looking forward to being part of the building process with the Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology graduate program. I am excited to provide sport, exercise, and performance psychology experiences and curriculum to students so that they can be successful mental performance practitioners in their future careers. I am also looking forward to joining a strong Psychology department that provides a variety of learning opportunities for students. I am excited at the potential to add additional projects for students to gain hands-on experience with research and experiential learning opportunities.  
What are your hobbies or what do you like to do in your free time?
  • I enjoy all kinds of fitness hobbies! At the top of the list would be lifting weights, playing tennis and watching sports. I also enjoy reading, baking, and spending time with family. Now that I am closer to home, I will be able to spend more time with my nieces and nephews who have previously really only known me through Facetime!