1) When are you graduating? 
I am graduating this Spring (2019)!
2) What are your career plans? 
I am interesting in working in an area specific to forensic psychology. This could be anything from jury consulting to working in family courts. I’m interested in it all!
3) Why did you major in psychology? 
I knew that psychology was going to be my major ever since I took AP psychology in high school. I wanted to learn why people act the way they do.
4) What do you do for fun? 
I am a member of the Women’s Club Volleyball team, so I really enjoy traveling with my team and competing in various tournaments throughout the year. I am also a HUGE Packer’s fan, so watching their games is another hobby of mine.
5) What academic experience or accomplishment are you most proud of? 
I am very proud of the internship that I had at the Green Bay Police Department. Not only did I get to shadow the different positions at the station, but I also got to go on a few ride-alongs and create a presentation regarding suicides in Green Bay.
6) What is your favorite movie, book, and TV show related to psychology? 
Even though there are some obvious stretches, Split is an awesome movie relating to psychology. My favorite book relating to psychology is called Behind Closed Doors. I don’t want to spoil anything about it for anyone, so go check it out!
7) What single thing do you hope to accomplish at UWGB before graduating? 
I am beginning an honor’s project in Dr. Cowell’s research lab on criminality and morality this semester, and I really hope to find significant results once I finish the study!
8) What else do you want people to know about you? 
I went on the study abroad trip to South Africa last January and was charged at by a rhino on the Safari. Our Land Rover had to speed away so quickly, it was terrifying, but it was also the greatest experience I’ve ever had. Please consider going on that trip!