When are you graduating?
I will be graduating in either the fall or spring of 2021.
What are your career plans?
I plan on completing a doctoral program in a field of neuroscience before I go on to be a professor and researcher.
Why did you major in psychology?
I majored in psychology because I saw a gap in research and understanding mental health.  In response to this, I wanted to at least try to get some of those answers for the people who do not know how to ask, and I think psychology is the best way to do that.
What do you do for fun?
A good portion of what I do for fun is what most people hate.  As a former women’s lacrosse player, I love to run and stay in shape.  I spend a good portion of my time reading both classic and contemporary literature as well as writing poetry and my own book.  In addition to all of this, I relax by cooking and baking; making vegetarian food that my sister will not eat since there is no meat in it is probably the best part.  Above all of this, I have the most fun being a mom to my puppy.
What academic experience or accomplishment are you most proud of?
The academic experience I am most proud of was being invited to be one of Dr. Jason Cowell’s research assistants even though I am going to have to work with young children (they make me uncomfortable).
What is your favorite movie, book, and TV show related to psychology?
I do not watch many movies, so I do not have a favorite one.  My favorite psychology TV show is Criminal Minds.  I would have to select The Catcher In The Rye as my favorite book.
What single thing do you hope to accomplish at UWGB before graduating?
I want to complete an honors project that will be the jumping off point to my future research.
What else do you want people to know about you?
My puppy is a black goldendoodle named PoPoe (after Poseidon and Edgar Allan Poe) and he will be turning five months old very soon.  I am a big supported of mental health literacy and hope to do some fun and interactive activities on campus that make the subject much more approachable.  Everyone is welcome to visit me in the neuroscience lab!  I promise to do my best not to stab you while gelling your EEG!