1. When did you graduate?
I graduated in May of 2017. 
2. What do you do now?
Right now, I am working for a staffing company in the compliance department. The company staffs traveling nurses, and once a nurse takes an assignment, I work with them to make them compliant to the hospital checklist. A lot of the work is related to HR, which is something I am interested in going to graduate school for in the future.
3. Why did you major in psychology?
I majored in Psychology because it was always something I was interested in! I love learning about research and the how behind the brain’s mechanisms. 
4. What do you do for fun?
Right now, just exploring the new city my husband and I just moved to! We’re both originally from the Sheboygan area, and we moved to Appleton this summer. Close enough to UWGB to visit sometime 🙂
5. What academic experience or accomplishment are you most proud of?
I think I am most proud of all of the roles I head through my academic career (Psi Chi President, Research and Teaching Assistant, Internship with Ryan Martin, Peer Mentor, any many others). I am also really proud to have been honored with the Chancellor’s Leadership Medallion my senior year.
6. What’s your favorite movie, book, and TV show, related to psychology?
My favorite book and movie (new version) related to Psychology is The Great Gatsby! I love watching the character development in both and how each character has such depth. I literally love the Great Gatsby so much that I used the theme for decor at my wedding!
7. What’s an important goal or accomplishment you are currently working on?
An important goal in my life is to first find what career would make me the most happy. I’m enjoying being newly married right now, but I really want to pursue graduate school. At this point, I’m in-between a few possible programs. Hopefully I’ll figure it out soon and start working towards a masters degree!