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Psychology and Stuff: LIVE from the Midwestern Psychological Association Conference


In this final episode of the season, Allee Schramm and Ryan Martin interview more than 15 students from 7 different universities about the research they presented at the 2016 Midwestern Psychological Association Conference in Chicago. Topics ranged from stereotype threat to autism to communication during sex (see below for details).  See here for more examples of University of Wisconsin-Green Bay student research.

Below are the research projects and authors featured in the podcast.

  • Health Behaviors and Consequences on Exam Grades- Allee Schramm, Sarah Busko, Naomi Semb-Lovejoy, Kayla Duesterbeck, Liza Steffeck (University of Wisconsin-Green Bay)
  • Using the Disney Customer Service Integration Matrix on a College Campus- Veronica Caudill, Jarod Schrock, Katy Ashpole, Louis Gervais, Russel Coulter-Kern (Manchester University)
  • Cultural Competency Before and After Study Abroad- Michelle McChesney, Annemarie Schwery, Taylor Steele, Kortney Krajewski, Sarah Miller (University of Wisconsin-Green Bay)
  • Examining the Effectiveness of PSA’s of Individuals Perception of Autism- William Vogt (University of Wisconsin- Green Bay)
  • What Works and What Doesn’t? Valid Cues to Deception Based on Age and Liar- Britney A. Webster, Christopher J. Mugnaini, Jennifer Tehan Stanley (The University of Akron)
  • Effects of Stereotype Threat on Female Athletes and Perceived Femininity: Experiment Investigating How Athletic Identity Changes Gender Identity- Abigail Snow (Baldwin Wallace University)
  • The Effects of Physiological Stress on Idiocentric Decision-Making- Francine W. Goh (Fontbonne University)
  • The Effects of Priming and Source of the Believability and Recognition of Headlines- Sarah Davis, Brianna Bouldin, Hannah Nierle, Cassidy Dyce, Taylor Thomas, Jeffrey Gibbons (Christopher Newport University)
  • Are You Hearing Me? Role of Similar and Accurate Perception and Compatibility of Sexual Communication in Monogamous Relationships- Anastasia Gusakova (Beloit College)
  • A Toy Study: Childhood Upbringing and Adult Perceptions of Gender Roles and Feminism- Emily Carroll (University of Wisconsin- Green Bay)
  • Romantic Partner Preferences and Similarities-Jennifer Carrillo, Allie Schramm (University of Wisconsin-Green Bay)



The 2015 Psych Star Awards

We’re excited to announce the first ever Psych Star Awards, to be awarded at the end of the Fall 2015 semester.

  • Psych Research Star
  • Psych Service Star
  • Psych Rising Star
  • Psych Rock Star

Be on the lookout for more information on the awards, including the nomination and selection process. All declared psychology majors will receive an email with the award criteria and nomination and selection process later this week.

Psychology and Stuff

We’ve launched a brand new show, a podcast, called Psychology and Stuff.  It features interviews with psychology faculty, psychology students and alumni, and professionals out in the community.  We talk about a wide range of topics related to work, personal lives, and other “stuff.”

You can learn more about the podcast here.

Psychology and Stuff: Our Third Episode

Something a little different in our third episode of “Psychology and Stuff,” as Sarah Busko and Dr. Ryan Martin chat with John Galle and Jennifer Leanna from the Center for Autism and Related Disorders (CARD;

Check Out the Episode Here

Psychology and Stuff: Dr. Jenell Holstead and Chad Osteen

Check out Episode 2 of Psychology and Stuff In this episode, Dr. Jenell Holstead talks IMG_6283with Chad Osteen and Dr. Ryan Martin about how she came to study School Psychology, what her favorite class is to teach, and her secret to throwing amazing birthday parties for her kids.

If you’re unfamiliar, Psychology and Stuff is a new podcast from UWGBpsych. Every other week, we’ll put out a new episode featuring faculty and students talking about Psychology… and stuff.

Psychology, Service, Inquiry: PSI Talks

Do you have powerful ideas that are worth spreading? If so, here’s an opportunity to share those ideas as a PSI Talk!  The UWGB Psychology Program would like to invite you to apply to do a short, 8 to 10 minute, presentation on an aspect of psychology as part of PSI Talks, an event we are hosting on December 7th, 2015 at 7:00pm.  This event will include five engaging and thought provoking student and alumni presentations, followed by a reception.

Possible topic areas for talks might include:

  • a meaningful personal experience you have had that can be connected to psychological concepts
  • service you have done for the community or on campus that is connected to your psychology education (e.g., an internship or volunteer experience)
  • a way that you use psychology in your work or your career
  • a review of a psychological concept or literature and how it is relevant to everyday life
  • original research you have conducted as a Research Assistant, Honors Student, or in class

The PSI Talks will be held On Monday, December 7th, 2015 at 7:00pm in Fort Howard Hall of the Weidner Center.

To be considered, you must:

  • be a UW-Green Bay Psychology major or a graduate of the UW-Green Bay Psychology program,
  • submit a 200-word abstract describing your talk, and
  • provide the name of a UW-Green Bay Psychology faculty member who would be willing to endorse your talk and supervise your talk if you are selected.

Please email the following information to Dr. Ryan Martin ( by 5:00 pm on Friday, October 16th.  We will then select semi-finalists who will meet with the selection committee for a brief interview the week of the October 26th.  The final presenters will be identified and notified that week.  Continue reading

Psychology and Stuff: Dr. Wilson-Doenges and Hollis Reynolds

Psychology and Stuff is a new podcast froCapturem UWGBpsych. Every other week, we’ll put out a new episode featuring faculty and students talking about Psychology… and stuff.

Check out Episode 1 featuring Dr. Wilson-Doenges and Hollis Reynolds and learn what drives Dr. Wilson-Doenges to be such a great teacher, how she stays warm in the winter, and why Dr. Martin still can’t figure out how to pronounce her name.

Plus, there might just be a PsychWord hidden in there.

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