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Get to Know Your New Faculty Member Dr. Joanna Morrissey

Image previewWhere did you graduate from?

  •  2005: College of Saint Benedict (Major: Psychology; Minor: Communication)
  •  2007: Ball State University (Masters of Science: Sport and Exercise Psychology)
  •  2012: The University of Iowa (PhD: Health and Human Physiology; Emphasis: Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity)

What do you like to study?

  • As a certified mental performance consultant I am interested in studying how mental skills training can enhance athlete, coach and exercise participants’ performance. I am also interested in studying how health behaviors impact overall health and well-being.
What got you interested in this area you focus on studying?
  • I have always been interested in human behavior and in particular what motivates people to engage in the behaviors that they choose to participate in. I have always loved sport and exercise so I combined my interests of sport and exercise with behavior and found the field of sport and exercise psychology. 
What is your favorite part of teaching as a professor?
  • I love when students catch on and are able to connect what we discuss in class to their own experiences/the real world. It is very gratifying to watch students learn to be critical thinkers and apply their knowledge both in and out of the classroom. I also enjoy supporting students’ development to help them achieve their academic, professional and personal goals.
What are you looking forward to with working at UWGB?
  • I am looking forward to being part of the building process with the Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology graduate program. I am excited to provide sport, exercise, and performance psychology experiences and curriculum to students so that they can be successful mental performance practitioners in their future careers. I am also looking forward to joining a strong Psychology department that provides a variety of learning opportunities for students. I am excited at the potential to add additional projects for students to gain hands-on experience with research and experiential learning opportunities.  
What are your hobbies or what do you like to do in your free time?
  • I enjoy all kinds of fitness hobbies! At the top of the list would be lifting weights, playing tennis and watching sports. I also enjoy reading, baking, and spending time with family. Now that I am closer to home, I will be able to spend more time with my nieces and nephews who have previously really only known me through Facetime! 

Get to Know Your New Faculty Member Dr. Todd Hillhouse

Todd M. HillhouseWhere did you graduate from?

  • Postdoc fellowship – University of Michigan
    Phd – Virginia Commonwealth University
  • MS and BS – Northern Michigan University
What do you like to study?
  • My area of study is Neuropsychopharmacology. The name of my research lab is the “Pain and Addiction Neuropharmacology (PANE)” because we work to develop novel treatment for pain and addiction. There is a comorbidity between addiction and depression which allows us to evaluate novel treatments for addiction as well.

What got you interesting in this area you focus on studying?

  • I have always found drugs interesting. Drugs can be used for “good” and “evil” which drives my interest. I like educating college students on drugs because it allows them to make an educated decision on what drugs they should and shouldn’t take.

What is your favorite part of teaching as a professor?

  • My favorite part of teaching is when I see a student experience the “aha moment”. That moment is generally followed by an increase in self-confidence. Additionally, I enjoy teaching students that are generally interested in the course or topic because they generate really interesting questions.

What are you looking forward to with working at UWGB?

  • I am excited to develop my lab and have students work on their own research projects. Additionally, I am excited to explore the possibilities of develop Neuroscience related course works (classes and/or a major/minor).

What are you hobbies or what do you like to do in your free time?

  • My hobbies include woodworking, playing with my two kids and drinking delicious beer!

Let’s get in Touch

Feeling stir crazy from being at home so much and abruptly switching all your class to online? You are not alone and if you want to get involved and get in touch with other who  are going through this too the Psychology Department has lots of resources for you to use.

  • Tuesdays at 2-2:20 PM
  • Check out some of our podcast episodes
  • Schedule a meeting with the Student Success Center to declare your major, assistance scheduling classes, or questions with your current classes
  • Reach out to your professors. Many Professors are still having advising meetings virtually so if you need to meet with them you most likely still can, just shoot them an email.

2020 UWGB PSI Talks

This year the UWGB Psychology PSI Talks were a great success. About a month ago we had our second annual PsychWeek sponsored by Bellin Psychiatric. We had five speakers who spoke on a variety of topics. If you did not get a chance to see the talks they are now available to be seen on YouTube.

Virtual Psych Social!

These are strange times and we could use a break from whatever it is we have all been up to. If you are looking for something to do, want a group to talk to or missing your fellow students and professors join us for a Virtual Psych Social! We play virtual games and have a good laugh! Here are the days and times. Hope to see you there!

PsychWeek Recap!

This year PsychWeek consisted of a lot of great events that focused on a variety of topics. If you were able to attend these events we were very happy to see you there. If you were not able to attend the events we missed you and wished you could have made it.

Here is our recap of what happened during the 2020 PsychWeek.

  • Monday night Community Lecture – Dr. Carol Ryff from UW-Madison will be speaking about Positive Psychology
    • 6-7 PM in the Brown County Central Library downtown
  • Tuesday

    Volunteer Night

    night – PSI Talks (desserts will be served afterward!)

  • Wednesday night – PSI CHI Induction (invitation only)

  • Thursday night – Volunteer Night – making tie blankets for Camp Lloyd

    • C-Wing of the MAC

  • Friday morning – One Love Escalation Workshop,

    • 9:30-11 in 1965 Room

PSI Talks

We hope to see you at next year’s events!






Special Thanks to Bellin Psychiatric for sponsoring these wonderful events.

I Am Psyched Exhibit

On February 10th to 22nd, 2020 the I Am Psyched exhibit will be hosted on the 4th floor of the Cofrin Library  to celebrate women of color in psychology. This event is being put on by Dr. Christine Smith along with some of her students, Joy Russ, Kailay Siggers, Hanette Kamanda, Leslie Lee, Addie Hunter, and Priyanka Bharadway.  This event has been created by the American Psychological Association’s Women’s Programs Office and now it will be coming to our campus. The students who helped put this event together helped to shed some light on what we should know about this event.  For more information this exhibit you can visit the I Am Psyched website.

What would you like people to know about this event?

Joy Russ: “Looking at how marginalized groups are treated and how they succeed in a field can truly be indicative of the field overall.”

Kailah Siggers: ” I would like people to know it is an amazing opportunity for people to learn more about how much or an impact women of color are making in the field of psychology, especially at a predominantly white institution.” 

How were you involved putting this event together?

Hanette Kamanda: “We all helped create the events for the week along with ideas for promote.” 

Leslie Lee: “I am putting a presentation together for the ‘I Am Psyched Talks’ to provide information about a woman of color who has contributed a great deal to psychology and her community.” 

Joy Russ: “I had Christine for a class my sophomore year and was recommended to join this independent study. As a group we all came up with ideas together and split up responsibilities.”

What did you get out of being involved in this event?

Addie Hunter: “I was able to make a wonderful group of friends. I became more educated on the problems at hand in the psychology field. I became more interested in the problems and am more aware of what is going on.”

Priyanka Bharadway: “I learned a lot about the past and present of women in color in psychology. We got to meet (Skype in) with various psychologist  in the field.”

Kailah Siggers: “I was able to feel a sense of empowerment by being a woman of color in the field of psychology.”

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