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#GetPsychedGB: Five Things To Do This Week

It’s that time of year again, when we tell you all the reasons why you should get active and involved with the psychology major at UW-Green Bay and all the ways to do it.

We’ll start with five things you should do this week:

  1. Download the free UWGB Psychology App, available Capturethrough ITunes and Google Play. Use these links to go directly to it or search for “UWGB Psychology.”
  2. Stop by OrgSmorg on Wednesday, 1/31, from 10 to 2 in the Phoenix Rooms at the Union and check out the Psych and Human Development Club and Psi Chi Booths.  Get your picture taken and be entered into a drawing for a UWGB Psychology T-Shirt.
  3. Find out what the two student orgs are up to on the “Events” page of this blog or through the App.
  4. Look at the five types of Individualized Learning Experiences we offer and make decisions about what you can do, what you would like to do, and when you might like to do them.  These are important experiences but they are competitive and require some planning ahead.
  5. Check out UWGBpsych on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat to see what we’re up to.

Welcome to the UWGBpsych Open House


We’re so happy to have you all here for the Psychology Open House.  Please take a look at the links below to learn more about the amazing experiences you’ll have when you become a UWGBpsych student.

Internships2Research1 Capture

Museum2PSI Talkspodcast

New Poll: Which of these reactions have you heard when you tell people you study psychology?


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How Many of These Psychology-Related Books Have You Read?

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Check out a full list of our featured students and alumni.

Featured Student: Amber Gollata

Amber Gollata

1. When will you graduate? I will graduate in May 2018.

2. What are your career plans?  My ultimate goal is to one day become a School Psychologist working in an elementary and/or middle school setting.

3. Why did you major in psychology? I have always been interested in understanding why people think and behave the way they do. I also think I chose psychology because it allows me to learn more about myself and reflect on my own thoughts and experiences through a variety of different perspectives.

4. What do you do for fun? In my spare time I enjoy reading, watching Netflix, spending time with my friends and family, going hiking, and taking trips to Door County. I also really enjoy experimenting with cooking and baking (and eating the final creations).

5. What academic experience or accomplishment are you most proud of? I am most proud of the hour-long lecture I was required to give as a teaching assistant for Dr. Lorenz’s Intro to Psych class.  While it was a lot of work, I really enjoyed it and it was such a valuable experience.

6. What’s your favorite movie, book, and TV show related to psychology? I really love the movie The Aviator because it gives an accurate depiction of how mental illnesses such as OCD can seriously impact a person’s life in every way imaginable. My favorite book would be Blink by Malcolm Gladwell, and lately I’ve been obsessed with the tv show Dexter.

7. What single thing do you hope to accomplish at UWGB before graduating? I hope to continue being involved in the psychology department and help uphold its current level of excellence!

Faculty Research: Anger and Social Media

Ryan_2014A description of why people get angry online, how they express it, and what social media managers can do to address it.

Martin, R. C. (2017). Dealing with anger online: Strategies for social media managers. In P.G. Clampitt (Ed.), Social Media Strategy: Tools for Professionals and Organizations. Los Angeles: Sage.

Welcome Back: Six Things to Get Excited About This Semester

Well, it’s finally here. Fall semester starts…. now.  And we have a bunch of great stuff planned for you.  Here are just a handful of the things you have to look forward to over the next few months.

  1. Bi-Weekly Podcasts (available on ITunes, Google Play, and here): A new episode of our podcast, Psychology and Stuff, will drop every other Thursday afternoon.  Our first guests, Dr. Jana Fogaca, will discuss her work as a sport psychologist (learn more here). Dr. Fogaca  is a new faculty member in the psychology program so this will be a great chance to get to know her.
  2. Featured Students/Alumni: Each Monday, we’ll feature one of our students or alum on the blog so you can get to know a little bit about what they’ve done, what their plans are, and what they hope to accomplish before they graduate.  First up, 2015 graduate and former Psi Chi President, Olyvia Kucta.
  3. #GetPsychedGB: As always, the third week of the semester will be dedicated to our #GetPsychedGB campaign.  All week long, we’ll have videos, pictures, games, and more to give you all the reasons you should get involved in psychology at UW-Green Bay.
  4. The PSI Talks: Once again, we’ll be holding the PSI Talks, six engaging talks from University of Wisconsin-Green Bay psychology students and alumni.  Stay tuned for information about how you can apply.
  5. Even More From the Student Orgs: Keep an eye out for even more great programming from the Psychology and Human Development Club and Psi Chi.  Fun events, volunteer opportunities, presentations, and more on the way.  Stay up to date with them by downloading the app via iTunes or Google Play.
  6. Many Ways to Stay Connected: Stay connected with UWGBpsych via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and/or the UWGB Psychology Smartphone App. You’ll never miss a thing.
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