Winner of the Guess the New Pink Flamingo Editor’s Identity Contest

We’d like to congratulate Janna Wellnitz, the winner of our trivia contest, who was randomly chosen from among the correct respondents.  Janna correctly guessed that Dr. Burns wears a lot of black (it helps that Janna sees her 3 times a week), gambled away 10 cents in Las Vegas when she was there for a conference in January, has only owned blue cars, and drove without a license after she failed her driver’s license renewal test. She is also the new addition to the editorial staff of The Pink Flamingo this year, joining Drs. Vespia and Martin, which probably explains why the newsletter has seen such an increase in quality. We thought we would announce the winner now so that the suspense did not distract you too much from your finals week studying.  Good luck with your finals and see you in the fall!