Welcome to the March Edition of The Pink Flamingo!

We debated about whether to release our March issue at this time. After all, how are we to compete with all the other news out there? There’s the presidential primaries, almost breaking annual snowfall records, our rapidly approaching Spring Break, ¬†and, oh yeah…that small story about #4 retiring. Ultimately, though, we decided the best way not only to keep you going until Spring Break, but also to approach this period of mourning for the end of an era in Titletown, was to try to lift your spirits with our always uplifting, inspiring, informative, page-turning, not-to-be-missed…er…newsletter.

  • Breaking News: Human Development and Psychology Hire Another New Professor!

  • Psi Chi News: National Speaker on Psychology Careers Coming to UWGB

  • This Just In: Possible New GRE Support Program

  • Careers of the Month: February 2008 Edition

  • Career Tip of the Month: Use the PRO System

  • Graduate School Tip of the Month: Carefully Investigate Graduate Programs

  • Two Upcoming Presentations from Dr. Jill White
  • Join an Upcoming Teleconference on “Living With Grief: Children and Adolescents”

  • Developing Story: Priority Registration for Human Development Majors/Minors

  • The Pink Flamingo Mailbox