Welcome to the April Edition of The Pink Flamingo!

Welcome to the eagerly-awaited April issue of The Pink Flamingo. Okay, we know you’re tired. We know it seems like Spring Break was months ago, and we know you are currently struggling with the results of the faculty’s sinister plot to schedule exams and papers for all Human Development and Psychology classes within the same two-week period. What better way to deal with the stress than to read about a new $1,000 scholarship opportunity, the upcoming speakers on Careers and Forensic Psychology, the latest registration news, and Dr. Martin’s new bowling career? Read on for more!

  • Breaking News: $1,000 Scholarship Opportunity for Human Development/Psychology Students!

  • P/HD Club News: Movie Night and Guest Speaker on Forensic Psychology

  • Psi Chi News: National Speaker on Careers, Free Food, and Congratulations

  • Recycling Registration Resources

  • What’s New for Fall 2008 Registration? Anger and Wishes

  • Teaching Assistantships: A Student Perspective

  • This Just In…Dr. Martin Leaving UWGB to Join Professional Bowlers Association

  • Careers of the Month: April 2008 Edition

  • Career Tip of the Month: Attend the Psychology Careers Presentations

  • Graduate School Tip of the Month: Consider Joining the GRE Preparation Group

  • Research and Teaching Assistant Want Ads for Fall 2008

  • The Pink Flamingo’s Top 10 Signs that Spring Has Arrived