Top 10 Imaginary Comments About the Newsletter

Our editorial board isn’t feeling in the pink right now; in fact, we’re a little blue. You might even say we’re in a fowl mood (get it? “fowl” mood!). We worked our tail-feathers off on our first issue, and no one seemed to notice. In fact, the only comments in our beautiful new Suggestion Box were made by Dr. Martin.  That’s okay – since we didn’t get a lot of feedback from students, we made some up.  Below are the Top 10 comments we imagined having received from you about the first newsletter.

10. Finally, my life-long quest to figure out Pavlov’s middle name is over.  So, what do you think the “B.F.” in “B.F. Skinner” stands for?

9.  My superego kept telling me I should read it, but my id told me to take a nap.  The id won this round. 

8.  I wish it had been data-driven rather than theory-driven.

7.  I was going to say something, but I learned in class that variable-ratio reinforcement schedules were more effective than continuous ones.

6.  Will this material be on the next exam?

5.  I have my spam-blocker set up to keep just this sort of thing out of my inbox.

4.  How come there’s no sports section?

3.  I don’t read anything unless it has the word “interdisciplinary” in the title.

2.  This is not your typical newsletter.  Rather, it’s a breath-taking breakthrough into the suspense-comedy genre that owes as much to Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy as to Dave Barry, molding the two of them into a grand vision that’s as spectacular as it is unique.

1.  I still don’t understand why you have flamingos outside your offices (that’s okay, neither do we).