March 26, 2013; Volume 7, Issue 4

No, you didn’t miss our typical “welcome to the new semester issue” in January. We are ashamed to admit there wasn’t one; in fact, this is our first issue of the spring semester. Yes, your editors have been delinquent, so allow us to welcome you back from winter break, send our best wishes that spring decides to arrive at some point, remind you of our summer 2013 class offerings, and prepare you for fall 2013 registration. How’s that for an issue for all seasons! Yes, we know – pretty lame, but we’re down an editor with Dr. Burns on sabbatical, and we have quickly discovered she is the wind beneath this particular flamingo’s wings. Without further delay, here’s our special registration issue.

  • Special News Alert: Some University-Level Registration Issues
  • Breaking News: Psychology Course Changes for Fall
  • Hot Off the Presses: Human Development Registration Updates
  • Recycling Registration Resources
  • Don’t Forget Summer Classes
  • PHD Club and Psi Chi Update
  • Welcome Brenda Beck
  • Scholarship Applications Due this Week!
  • Did You Know… about Our Departmental Want Ads?
  • Student Good News
  • Career of the Month: Another Alumni Profile