Student News to Celebrate: Scholarships, Fellowships, Research, and More!

We are overwhelmed by all the great things our students are doing! Here’s a sampling of the fabulous news we’ve received just since our last issue. Congratulations to everyone, and we’re very sorry if we missed anyone!

  • Caitlin Gurlt has been selected to be the 2010 Yale University Summer Intern! This is a great honor for her, our department and university, and Psi Chi at UWGB. She will receive travel funding, room and board, and a stipend.
  • Katie Kordus is the 2010-2011 winner of the Fergus and Bonnie Hughes Scholarship. She will receive $1000 to support her studies here at UW-Green Bay.
  • Kristin Nick recently presented her research at the prestigious “Posters in the Rotunda” event at the State Capitol Building in Madison.
  • Katie Von Holzen, a December graduate, has been awarded a $7500 Phi Eta Sigma Scholarship to support her graduate studies.
  • Finally, we want to congratulate all of our May and August graduates, as well as though who will be receiving Leadership Awards this Friday!