Special News Alert: Some University-Level Registration Issues

1. Registration Hold for ALL Students: Because of a new policy in Student Affairs, every student had a hold put on their registration about 2 weeks before registration began. You can remove it yourself in SIS by following the instructions on this website: http://www.uwgb.edu/bursar/paymentAgreement/. Before you try to register for classes, make sure you don’t still have that “payment agreement” hold listed in SIS. If you do, and you have already followed the steps that were supposed to remove it, contact the Bursar’s Office. You should also direct any questions to them. 

2. Adult Degree Classes, Section Numbers, and Priority Registration: This is something you dealt with last semester, but remember, Adult Degree classes (which means most online classes for fall) are using a new section number system. As you look at the schedule of classes, you will see that all courses have a class number (e.g., ANTHRO 320), a section number (e.g., 0001, 0800, 1200), and an SIS number (e.g., 9787 – the number you enter in SIS to register). If you see an online class with a section number beginning in “0” (e.g., 0800 or 0801), it is a “regular” class, and you can register for it as you would any other class at UW-Green Bay. If you see an online class with a section number beginning in “1” (e.g., 1200, 1800), it is a class offered through Adult Degree, and that’s where the differences begin. Adult Degree classes are restricted in many ways to their program’s students, and they have two sets of section and SIS numbers. They have both a 1200 and an 1800 section number, but those actually refer to the SAME CLASS. See example below using Anthropology 320. These two entries are actually for one class taught by the same instructor. The class as a whole is capped at 35 students, and 30 of those seats are assigned to section 1200, with 5 seats assigned to section 1800. Again, though, it’s the same class. However, students need to register for different “sections” depending on who they are. Section 1200 is open ONLY to IST majors in the Adult Degree program, so it is listed as “open”, but it is really only open to those IST/Adult Degree students. Section 1800 is for all other students, BUT there may be a priority registration for Bellin Nursing students until a much later date, so all other students will not be able to get into the class (if there are any seats remaining) until after that date. You can, however, waitlist yourself for one of these classes at the time of your registration appointment. If you want a chance at getting into one of these classes, that is what I would encourage you to do. The sooner you waitlist, the higher on the list you will be. The key, though, is that you can ONLY waitlist yourself for an 1800 (or 1801 or 1802) section number – not the 1200 or 1201 number. Adult Degree instructors have been told not to grant closed course waivers, and there is no guarantee that any non-IST students will get into these classes. I would not encourage you to see them as a high probability options, but we do typically have some students ultimately get into these classes. The great news for ANTHRO 320 is that two “regular” sections (0800 and 0801) are being offered for fall (see “Human Development Registration Updates” story).

ANTHRO 320 Myth, Ritual, Symbol and Religion LEC 1200 10380 1   Open 30 0 0 30
ANTHRO 320 Myth, Ritual, Symbol and Religion LEC 1800 10721 1   Open 5 0 0 5