So…What’s an Advisor, and Where Can I Get One?

Believe it or not, if you are reading this newsletter, you probably have your very own Human Development or Psychology faculty advisor. Advisors are assigned based on an alphabetical breakdown by students’ last names. Current students should stay with the same faculty advisor throughout their time here. You can find the name of your advisor in SIS. Students wishing to declare a HUD or PSYCH major or minor can find their assigned advisors at this link on the department website.

Some important information about advisors:

  • Advisors want to talk with you – go see them!
  • Psychology and Human Development advising assignments are currently the same. So…if you are a Human Development major and Psychology minor, you can get all of your advising from one person – talk about one-stop shopping!
  • Once you are assigned an advisor, you stay with that person. We may change our alphabetical assignments each year, but you do not switch advisors when we do. We want you to get good, continuous advising from the same person!
  • Your faculty advisor can answer questions about the major/minor, overall graduation requirements, and General Education. The Academic Advising Office is absolutely wonderful, but after you declare a major, you should work with your Human Development/Psychology faculty advisor.
  • What do you do if you have a concern about your advisor, or if you want to change advisors? Talk to that person directly and/or consult with a Department Chairperson: Regan Gurung (Human Development) and/or Georjeanna Wilson-Doenges (Psychology).