Registration Update: Fulfilling the Anthropology/Sociology Requirement for the HUM DEV major

There are three classes being offered in Spring 2013 that meet the Anthropology/Sociology Requirement for the HUM DEV major. They are ANTHRO 304 (1 section) and ANTHRO 320 (2 sections). Both are Internet classes and both are Adult Degree classes. If you are interested in these courses, make sure you carefully read our breaking news story above to avoid registration frustration! For seniors graduating in May 2013 or August 2013 only, we will also accept the following in-person classes as meeting this requirement. You will need to have the HUM DEV Chair (Dr. Kris Vespia) sign off on a course substitution form after the semester begins to get SIS to recognize that substitution. These additional class options for graduating seniors are: HUM STUD 327 Religion and the Social Order (no pre-requisites) and SOCIOL 404 Criminology (pre-requisites of Sociol 202 or Soc C D 204).