One More Time: Research Methods Pre-Requisite Waiver Process

As most of you know, either Experimental Psychology (PSYCH 300), Foundations for Social Research (COMM SCI 301), or Developmental Research Methods (HUM DEV 302) is required as a prerequisite for most upper-level psychology courses (it seems like this is becoming a monthly feature in The Pink Flamingo).

As you also likely know, we don’t want this relatively new requirement to delay or disrupt anyone’s graduation plans so, like last year, faculty will be considering pre-requisite waiver requests from majors or minors whose graduation plans would otherwise be delayed and/or for those who are concurrently enrolled in one of the research methods courses (e.g., PSYCH 300). If you wish to request a pre-requisite waiver for the Spring, please email the instructor of the course with: a) your name; b) your student ID#; c) your class standing (e.g., junior, senior); and d) your rationale for needing a waiver. Note that making a request doesn’t guarantee it will be granted, and we expect this is the last semester for which we will be granting waivers. Finally, for those students who have not yet taken their research methods course, please work to get enrolled right away.  The Psychology Department is once again offering three sections of PSYCH 300 during the Spring semester.