HUD/PSYCH Trivia (March 2007)

HUD/PSYCH Trivia: Which famed psychologist built a crib for his daughter that was labeled by an October, 1945 issue of Ladies’ Home Journal as “Baby in a Box”?

Answer: Elizabeth Lybert knew that B.F. Skinner built his daughter a crib called the Baby Tender, labeled by Ladies’ Home Journal as “Baby in a Box” when they published his article describing it.  Just to do a little myth-busting on this, while there are many rumors about his raising his daughter, Deborah, in a “Skinner-box” (some even going so far as to say that she became psychotic and committed suicide as an adult because of her troubled childhood), Deborah is very much alive, has denounced the rumors, and says that she had a very normal childhood.  However, if you read the LHJ article, you’ll find that his parenting approach was a bit different from what most developmentalists advocate.