Hot Off the Presses: Human Development Registration Updates

Here’s all the news you can use related to registration for Human Development for fall.
1. Priority Registration: As usual, our upper-level Human Development classes will say “reserved” next to them on the schedule because we will be giving registration priority to Human Development majors/minors. In some cases (e.g., psychology students for the core classes, senior social work students for Family Development), other groups are also included in that priority, which lasts for at least 2 weeks.

2. Electives: In case you are looking for it, there are no planned sections of Human Sexuality for fall through either Human Development or Adult Degree. Human development is only offering 1 section of Cross-Cultural Human Development (an additional one may be offered through Adult Degree), but we will have 3 sections of Culture, Development, and Health, which counts in the same upper-level elective category for the major. Overall, we are offering 11 sections of upper-level Human Development electives, so students should have a good selection of options.

3. Sociology/Anthropology Requirement: Dr. Jill White is teaching two fully on-line sections of ANTHRO 320 Myth, Ritual, Symbol, and Religion in the fall – a class that meets the upper-level Anthroplogy/Sociology requirement for the Human Development major. She is teaching them fully online which will maximize the number of students who can work them into their schedules. If you are a Human Development student, you will be able to register for these two sections (sections 0800 or 0801 only) at the time of your registration appointment. If you want to get into the class, it is crucial you register ASAP. Because these are Anthropology courses, not Human Development, our majors and minors do not have registration priority other than what they have based on their credit status (e.g., being a senior). You will be competing with students from all other programs for seats. Note that there are additional sections of ANTHRO 320 offered through Adult Degree. Our students will not be able to register for those at the time of the registration date unless they are also an interdisciplinary studies major (i.e., an Adult Degree student). If sections 0800 and 0801 are full and have long waitlists, however, you can waitlist yourself for sections 1800 or 1801 at the time of your registration appointment, and you should do so to get the highest waitlist position possible. Keep in mind, though, that there is absolutely no guarantee you will get into the class from the waiting list – no matter how high you are on that list.

Other options for this requirement for fall:

ANTHRO 340 Medical Anthropology (P: Anthro 100) – offered online through Adult Degree. Remember registration restrictions apply (see Special News Alert: Some University-Level Registration Issues story)

For graduating seniors only, if there is an upper-level (300 or 400 level) Sociology class you would like to take that does not fall on the current list of options (but you meet the pre-requisites for it), consult with Dr. Vespia to see if she would consider a would consider signing off on this as a course substitution for the ANTHRO/SOCIOL requirement.