Faculty Trivia (March 2007)

Faculty Trivia: Which faculty member owns a James Bond T-shirt that he admits is a little too small for him, but says he still wears it around the house on some weekends? (Hint: This same person also anxiously awaits the March 13th DVD release of the critically acclaimed Casino Royale starring Daniel Craig and Eva Green. Has he seen it before? Yes. Will he watch it again? Yes, many, many times!)

Answer: Knight…Eric Knight was able to correctly identify that Dr. Ryan Martin owns what he describes as “a really cool but slightly too small” James Bond T-shirt.  Dr. Martin asked that we make sure to note that his appreciation/obsession with James Bond is in no way weird or unusual but merely reflects the fact that, if not working here at UWGB, he would most likely be working as an agent for the British Secret Service.  For the record, we at The Pink Flamingo still think it’s weird.