Faculty Trivia (April 2007)

Faculty Trivia: Which faculty member, while at Boys State (a camp for outstanding male high school students being held at North Dakota State University), had to drop down for 10 pushups because he didn’t see “eye-to-eye” with Phil Jackson (then just a player for NSU but now the famed head coach of the LA Lakers)?

Answer: Once again, Dr. L. Noppe was a popular guess… but wrong.  Jenny Kuhn earned a second candy bar by identifying the correct answer of Dr. Lorenz.  Of course, we are a little less impressed by this correct answer since she just entered guesses for all the male faculty members.  That’s right; Jenny managed to find a loophole in our system.  That loophole will be closed when we amend our constitution at the next Pink Flamingo Annual Convention, to be held in Reykjavik, Iceland.  In the meantime, nice work, Jenny, on your creative thinking and willingness to go the extra mile.  If you’re wondering why Dr. Lorenz and Phil Jackson couldn’t see “eye to eye”, I think it’s because Phil Jackson (6’8”) is approximately 10-inches taller than Dr. Lorenz.