Did You Know…About the Human Development Diversity Requirement?

In this recurring feature, we address common questions we hear and important facts we want to share. This month we highlight the Diversity Requirement for the Human Development major.

Did you know…that the diversity course (required only for Human Development majors under catalog years 2007-08, 2008-09, & 2009-10) shows up your SIS as “unmet” for every student until their advisor asks the Registrar’s Office to slot a course in for it (even if you have already fulfilled the requirement)? Unfortunately, the computer system just can’t handle the automatic programming for this one. To meet the requirement, you need to take an ADDITIONAL ethnic studies, world culture, or travel course (above and beyond what you took for your Gen Ed requirements and beyond those classes you will count as upper-level Human Development electives). If you are a foreign language major or minor, an upper-level foreign language class (not a grammar class) that is not counting for Gen Ed can also work. If you have taken a course that you believe meets this requirement, but it is still showing up as unmet (check your SIS report to confirm that FIRST), then contact your Human Development adviser so he/she can work with the Registrar’s Office to fix the issue.