Developing Story: Priority Registration for Human Development Majors/Minors

To help ease some of the frustrations that can happen with registering for the always quick-to-fill Human Development courses, seniors and juniors who are Human Development majors and minors will have priority on registering for all upper-level (300 or above) HUM DEV classes. That is, until all juniors on campus have registered, only Human Development majors and minors can register for these classes. There are some important exceptions to this rule. Psychology, Women Studies, and Social Work senior and junior majors/minors will also be able to register for selected HUM DEV courses that are required by those majors during the priority registration period (e.g., PSYCH juniors and seniors will also be able to register for HUM DEV 331, 332, and 343; Social Work students will have access to HUM DEV 353; Women’s Studies students will be able to register for HUM DEV 336). What does this mean? Well, if you had been planning to officially declare a Human Development major or minor, but have not yet done so, you may wish to file the paperwork before registration begins to insure access to classes. The degree plan form can be found on the Registrar’s website. You will need your HUM DEV advisor’s signature on that form before filing it with the Registrar’s Office. Freshmen and sophomores should be unaffected by this new policy because the priority status for majors will be lifted once all juniors have registered. Questions? Contact Dr. Regan Gurung, Chair of the Human Development Department.