Children and Culture: From Dr. Jill White

For those who love to peruse the bookshelf in the Human Development “library,” you may have noticed a new addition – a plain black notebook holding print editions of the ACCIG Newsletter!  Hurray!  Before you all rush upstairs and mob this little notebook, let us reassure you that you can also access this marvelous newsletter online at ACCIG NewsLetter, or you can see even more wonderful news at  You can also become a member of the organization for free, and receive updates on events, conferences, relevant publications and theoretical advances. For the uninitiated, we are talking about the new newsletter of the (relatively) newly organized Children and Childhood Interest Group, part of the American Anthropological Association.  The newsletter is full of useful and interesting information about new books, fieldwork stories, infants and children in challenging circumstances, scholarship information for graduate schools, and other items that you might find to be handy (or decorative) cognitive furniture.