And More Congratulations…to University Award Winners

Just announced this week was the identity of those earning Chancellor’s Medallions, University Leadership Awards, and Who’s Who Awards at the December 14, 2012 Leadership Awards ceremony. Congratulations to all Human Development and Psychology majors and minors who will be receiving awards tonight. We are proud of you and your accomplishments! Check out the list of recipients.

And Even More Congratulations…to the Experimental Psych Poster Session Winners

The judging was rigorous, but three emerged on top.  Congratulations to the top posters of the Experimental Psychology Poster Session!  Rosie Wysocki, Paul Ahrens, Katie Turner, and Cory Samson investigated the Effects of Positive and Negative Emotional Priming on Performance and State Self-Esteem.  Laura Kempen, Heather Wogikoski, Grace Vecchie, and Ashley Ramer considered the Influence of Superhero Depiction on Audience Response to Perpetrator-Victim Scenarios.  Miranda DeMars, Amy Vaughan, and Amanda Novak studied First Impressions:  Do Glasses Matter?  All of you should be commended for a job well-done.

Student News to Celebrate

We wish we could highlight every accomplishment of our talented and dedicated students, but we simply don’t have that much server space for the blog! As we near the end of another academic year, however, we would like to highlight just a few of the amazing things achieved by you and your classmates recently. 

  • A number of our students presented their work at the annual UW-Green Bay Academic Excellence Symposium. Congratulations go out to: Nicole Phillips, Bradley Klinger, Erin Ehlers, Matthew Machnik, Brittaney Molina, Kaitlin Brown, Stephanie Freis, Kathryn Doll, Kaitlyn Florer, Craig VanPay, Areanna Lakowske, Rebecca Arrowood, Stephanie Lynch, and Rachel Prokop. Those final two students also presented their work at the UW System undergraduate research conference as representatives of our campus. We are so proud of all that each one of you did in developing and executing these wonderful projects.
  • Three of our students have been awarded departmental scholarships for next year. First, we share a sincere thank you to all who applied – you do not know how difficult these decisions are for us to make. Second, we are thrilled for the following students whose talent and hard work earned them these scholarships. Kaitlyn Multhauf was awarded The Fergus and Bonnie Hughes Scholarship; Kristie Walker received The Matter Memorial Scholarship Recognizing Promise in Psychological Science; and Kate Darnell was recognized with the Casie Rindfleisch-Schulz Scholarship in Psychology and Human Development. Allow us to also thank the generous donors who provided these wonderful scholarships to recognize outstanding students in Human Development and Psychology.
  • An enthusiastic “well done!” is also due to the 42 students who were recently inducted into the UW-Green Bay chapter of Psi Chi, the international honor society for psychology, which also recognizes our outstanding students in human development. We would also like to recognize the new officers who were installed at that ceremony. They include Molly Swenty (President), Cynthia Sanchez (Vice President), Emily Vogels (Treasurer), Areanna Lakowske (Secretary), and Rebecca Senn (Public Relations).
  • Many of our wonderful majors and minors will receive honors at the University’s year-end awards ceremony on May 11. They include graduating seniors and prestigious Chancellor’s Medallion recipients:  Casey Calhoun, Mary DeLong, Kalli Donaldson, Erin Ehlers, Kaitlyn Florer, Stephanie Freis, Hannah Quilling, Stacy Te Stroote, Stacy Van Eperen, and Craig Van Pay. Earning coveted University Leadership Awards are: Christina Allan, Corey Arno, Emma Bretl, Kaitlin Brown, Angela Bub, Madeleine Drusch, Danielle Furton, Rachael Gardner, Ariel Hull, Tiffany Klegin, Areanna Lakowske, Lea Meulemans, Lisa Neuman, Stephanie Sielaff, and Kristie Walker
  • We also want to highlight the amazing accomplishment of Stephanie Freis, who was selected to represent the senior class as the student commencement speaker at the May 2012 graduation ceremonies. Congratulations, Stephanie – we are so looking forward to hearing your remarks!
  • Last, but most certainly not least, congratulations to all of our graduating seniors. Know that we are proud of you, that we will miss you, and that our very best wishes go with you.

Making the World a More Beautiful Place: Thanks to Some Current and Former UW-Green Bay Students

Kimberly Martiny, a UW-Green Bay Psychology and Art student, recently teamed up with the Brown County affiliate of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) to coordinate an art based project for Diversions, a temporary home for individuals recovering from mental health issues.

The project was funded by NAMI Brown County, who worked with Tradewinds Art Supply to provide the supplies. After 5 months of hard work and donated time from more than 15 artists (most of them current or past UW-Green Bay students), 87 paintings were completed and, last November, were installed at Diversions.

Artists involved in the project (some of whom also have links to Psychology and Human Development) included Matthew Pickard, Emily Bartos, Beth Servais, Jason Keller, Kristin Gregiore, Rich Rouse, Amber Bork, Garrett Hetzel, Ashley Sixt, Ali Stalsburg, Alyssa Falvey, Jen Aldrich and Kimberly Martiny. Additionally, Lauren Garrison worked on a number of paintings with high school students to complete their volunteer and service hours for school requirements. All of the work now proudly hangs in Diversions for clients to enjoy.