Sociology/Anthropology Options for Human Development Majors

Adult Degree has a limited number of seats open in courses that fulfill the Sociology/Anthropology requirement for Human Development majors.  Might we suggest taking one of the following Fall courses instead?  We will be offering 3 sections of Hum Dev 346: Culture, Development, and Health.  If you take this, it wouldn’t be able to doublecount as your gender/cultural diversity course or additional advanced coursework course.  You could instead take Socio 307: Social Theory, Socio 310: Urban Sociology, or DJS 348: Gender and the Law.  You would need to send a course substitution form to Dr. Burns once you’ve registered for one of these courses in order to have it count as your sociology/anthropology course.

Summer and Fall Registration

Summer class registration is under way and some classes are approaching capacity.  Summer classes are a great way to catch up or get ahead in your course requirements.  Also, April 7th, the first day of registration for the fall will be here before we know it. At least we hope so given this weather. Start planning now to see your faculty advisor after Spring Break when the schedule of courses is out so you are well-prepared.

Why can’t I register for a class?: Look at the section number

If you’re having problems registering for a class, it might be an Adult Degree class instead—check out the section number.  If the class has 1200 as the section number, it is only for students in the Adult Degree program.  If the class has 1800 as the section number, traditional students can register for it, but not until 12/2 since it’s through Adult Degree.  If you’re interested in one of these 1800 courses, you should definitely waitlist yourself for it during your registration appointment.  There’s no guarantee that you’ll get in since there are a small number of 1800 seats available, but it can’t hurt to try.