Point/Counterpoint: The Library

Maybe it’s because it’s election season, or maybe it’s just because disagreement is part of the academic experience, but we’ve found that our cutting-edge journalism has led to great debate amongst the students.  For that reason, we are launching our new feature, Point/Counterpoint, where we get students to offer their opinions on controversial campus topics.  This issue, we pit two opposing perspectives on the library against each other with New Renovations and Services at the Cofrin Library Make it a Great Place to Study vs. Where is the Library?

New Renovations and Services at the Cofrin Library Make it a Great Place to Study.
I have long been a fan of the Cofrin Library, having used it as a nice spot to study for the past three years.  It’s a quiet and comfortable location for reading, setting up my laptop (or even checking out one of theirs) to get some writing done, or even getting help on a paper from one of the librarians.  However, some of the new services and renovations at the Cofrin Library have made it even better!  It seems like every year, the search databases get easier to use and make it possible to find whatever resources I’m looking for.  Plus, the new Miller Reading Room makes for a relaxed, quiet place to get through some of those extra tough readings.   

Where is the Library?
I have heard of this place called “the library” but have never actually seen it.  In fact, until recently, I was under the impression that the library was just a website where I could search for articles when my professors refused to let me use Wikipedia.  Now, I’m being told it’s actually a physical structure on campus, much like the Union (but where food and drinks are not allowed and people whisper).  Apparently, some students go there to study, and others go there to pick up books and articles that cannot be found on-line.  Anyway, if someone could just point me in the right direction, I would really appreciate it.