Did you know…to take Methods right after Stats?

In this feature, we address the methods course requirement.  Did you know…that you should try to take Methods (Hum Dev 302 for Human Development majors and Psych 300 for Psych majors) right after you take statistics?  You will apply your statistical knowledge in your methods course so this will help you remember as much as you can.  Whether you think about statistics as your appetizer or methods as your dessert, enjoy your meal of knowledge!

Connect with the Psychology Department on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

The Psychology Department is now on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.  If you are a psychology major or minor and have accounts with any of those social networking sites, you should get connected for updates, contests, pictures, and more.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/UWGBPsych

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/uwgbpsych

Instagram: http://instagram.com/uwgbpsych

Did You Know…You should do research for your job/grad school applications and interviews?

If you want your resume or application to get noticed, it should be accompanied by a cover letter or personal statement that demonstrates your knowledge of the specific potential job/grad program, the organization, its values/philosophy, its staff or faculty, and more. When you go to the interview, you should also be prepared to impress with your specific knowledge of the organization, its mission, its particular strengths, and so on. You will undoubtedly be asked interview questions about such topics, as well. Do your homework in advance. Visit the organization’s website, seek out other sources of public information about it, talk to current or past employees, students, or other relevant people you already know. Use that information to show you are a prepared, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable applicant!

Did you know…to take gen ed courses now?

In this feature, we address general education courses.  Did you know…that the university is changing gen ed?  This is not meant to send you into a panic–you have enough stress with registration as it is!  Your gen ed requirements will not change from when you first started here.  However, the university will start offering some new gen ed classes in Fall 2014.  To make room for these new offerings, it would help to have as many existing students as possible having already taken their gen ed classes.  The “old” gen ed classes will still be offered.  Breathe, breathe…