Careers of the Month: October 2010 Edition

The careers this month both have some link to health care or health care settings. Psychiatric aide is a career that could be pursued without any graduate school training; these individuals may work in psychiatric hospitals and assist nurses and other staff with patient socialization and care. Becoming a rehabilitation psychologist would require a doctoral degree, although it is also possible to obtain a master’s degree in Rehabilitation Counseling. These individuals specialize in helping individuals with disabilities or long-term health problems. Read more by following the links provided!

Psychiatric Aide  or Psychiatric Aide

Rehabilitation Psychologist

Careers of the Month: September 2010 Edition

This month we bring you two career-related careers. Employment counselors may work in job placement agencies and help individuals in their career searches. Vocational rehabilitation counselors typically have a graduate degree and may assist, for example, individuals with disabilities, as they prepare to enter or re-enter the workforce. Learn more about both of these occupations by following the links provided.

Employment Counselor
Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor

Careers of the Month: April 2010 Edition

This month we feature two careers that you may not even have heard of before! Read more about them and think about how your skills and interests might match with them. Remember, some of the careers we feature may require graduate study, and same may require additional majors and/or minors beyond Human Development or Psychology.

Technical Writer: Use those great skills you are honing as you write your term papers and consider a career that involves pen and ink (well, probably typing and toner cartridges). Read more at:

Employee Relations Specialist: Merge your skills working with people and your interest in the business world with a career in employee relations. Learn more at: