Careers of the Month: September 2011 Edition

This month we feature not one career – but whole graduating classes’ worth! If you are interesting in knowing some of the first job titles of our recent graduates, visit the Career Services’ website and read their annual alumni survey results. Be sure to read the files that give the results “by major” and check out the information provided for Human Development, as well as for Psychology. Each year, Career Services asks our most recent grads to report what their first job is after graduation. Some students report the graduate program they entered instead. It’s great reading and will give you a real sense of the types of careers and educational paths students pursue. There are a few things to keep in mind as you look at these reports. First, they’ve archived the information for a few years, so there are several documents you can review. Second, students who respond to this survey are recent grads reporting their first jobs very shortly after graduation – that means these are not always their long-term career goal, but rather the job that is paying the rent while they do a more extensive career search. Finally, some of these students had double-majors and/or specific certifications beyond Human Development or Psychology (e.g., the person employed as a 5th grade teacher), and others have unique skills sets we don’t typically expect to see in our majors (e.g., the “professional basketball player”)!