Career/Graduate School Tip of the Month: Increase Your Marketable Skills with Wise Course Selection

What skills are employers seeking in those they hire? The National Association of Colleges and Employers conducts a survey each year to find out. See the 2013 results here: Year after year, you’ll find some of the same skills at or near the top of the list, such as verbal communication, writing and editing, teamwork, and organization.  Use registration for Fall as a way of developing some of those skills (and others!) that could be helpful on the job market. How? Well, take a class related to verbal communication, such as COMM 133 (Fundamentals of Public Address) or Comm 166 (Fundamental of Interpersonal Communication). Consider a class that will enhance and further document your writing skills. Think about other abilities, as well. What about a language course (e.g., Hmong, Japanese, Spanish)? What about an option for building cultural knowledge and competence, such as a World Culture, Ethnic Studies, Global Studies, or First Nations Studies course? You could also consider a class that involves service learning, such as EDUC 295 (the community service section), a credit/no credit course that involves mentoring and/or tutoring youth through the Phuture Phoenix program. See: