Breaking News: Psychology Course Changes for Fall

There are some changes you should know about for Psychology classes that become effective for Fall 2013:
1. Experimental Psychology: Experimental Psychology will be a writing emphasis class beginning in the fall. Students who take class from that semester forward will receive credit for an upper-level writing emphasis course. That approval is not retroactive; students who completed the course this spring or before will not have it count for WE credit.

2. Counseling across the Lifespan: Counseling across the Lifespan has a new title. It is still PSYCH 438, and it still counts in the same way toward the Psychology major, the Psychology minor, and the Human Development major. The new title is Counseling and Psychotherapy. Under its new title, it also will not be a writing emphasis class. Students who took the class previously (as Counseling across the Lifespan for spring 2013 or before) will still receive WE credit, but students from Fall 2013 onward will not.

3. Psychology and Culture: After a couple year absence Psychology and Culture is back! As a reminder, it is an upper-level elective for the Psychology major and minor. It is also a world culture class for General Education. The prerequisites have also been changed. They are now PSYCH 102 and soph. standing. You do not need a research methods class first.