Breaking News: How to Avoid Error Messages and Registration Frustration with Internet Courses

Most internet courses for Spring 2013 (those offered through the Adult Degree Program) now have a new section number system. As you look at the course listing, all offerings have a class number (e.g., HUM DEV 345), but they also have a section number (e.g., 0001, 1200) and an SIS number (e.g., 3264 – the number you enter in SIS to register). These internet classes now have two sets of section and SIS numbers. They have both a 1200 and an 1800 section number, but those actually refer to the SAME CLASS. Confused? Just stay with me, and I’ll try to explain using the example below of Prof. White’s Human Sexuality class. These two entries are actually for one class taught by Prof. White. The class as a whole is capped at 40 students, and 15 of those seats are assigned to section 1200, with 25 seats assigned to section 1800. Again, though, it’s the same class. However, students need to register for different “sections” depending on who they are. Section 1200 is open ONLY to IST majors in the Adult Degree program, so it is listed as “open”, but it is really only open to those IST/Adult Degree students. Section 1800 is for all other students BUT there is a priority registration for Bellin Nursing students until Dec. 5th, so all other students (probably most of you reading this!) will not be able to get into the class until that date. You can, however, waitlist yourself for the class once your registration appointment day/time arrives, and I would encourage you to do so if you really want to enroll in one of these internet courses. The sooner you waitlist, the higher on the list you will likely be. The key, though, is that you can ONLY waitlist yourself for the 1800 section number. If you try to waitlist for the 1200 section number, you will get a message saying you don’t meet pre-requisites (because you are not an IST student). The good news here is that you should not have to contact the instructor for permission to register for 1800 sections of these classes once the priority registration period has passed on December 5th. Consult with your advisor if you have any questions. 

HUM DEV 345 Human Sexuality 3264 1200 LEC 3 Open       Internet   White, James M

 HUM DEV 345 Human Sexuality 3790 1800 LEC 3 Reserved Internet    White, James M