Avoiding Prerequisite Error Messages in Registration

We commonly hear from students once registration begins because they are getting an error message saying they don’t meet pre-requisites for a class when they believe they have. In many cases, this is because they are trying to register for a HUM DEV or PSYCH-prefix class that is offered through the Adult Degree program. As mentioned already, the tuition plateau policy for these classes, which are online, is changing for fall. However, Adult Degree Internet classes still have as a pre-requisite that students must have a major in Nursing or Interdisciplinary Studies (an Adult Degree program), which is why you get the error message if you are instead a human development or psychology student. You can easily identify these classes by looking at the section number. They will have a section number that begins with a “1” (e.g., 1800), while our department courses have section numbers beginning with a “0” (e.g., 0001, 0002, 0800). If you do really want to take one of these classes and are not an IST or Nursing major, you will be able to register with instructor consent (only if there is still space available) after a month or more of priority access for their students only. There is no guarantee space will be available. To add to the confusion, remember that not all Internet classes are Adult Degree courses, so they don’t all have that prerequisite. Again, the key is to look at the section number.