March 31, 2011; Volume 5, Issue 6

It’s March, everyone – in fact, it’s almost April. We at the PF are looking forward to April and the notion of “April showers bring May flowers” because rain sounds a whole lot more pleasant than the 17+ inch snow storm March brought us. Sigh. Meanwhile, April also brings Fall registration, so we present for your reading enjoyment a news-filled issue that includes many must-have registration facts and tips. Read on!

Breaking News: Faculty Changes for 2011-12

Registration Tips: Understanding Priority Registration, Pre-Requisites, and Internet Courses

P/HD Club: A message from the President, Kaitlyn Florer

Psi Chi: A message from the President, Amanda Luedtke

Another Scholarship Available! Apply for the Fergus and Bonnie Hughes Scholarship

Career Tip of the Month: Choose Courses Wisely

Summer Classes and Summer Registration Reminder

Grad School Tip of the Month: Opportunity to Explore Graduate School

Recycling Registration Resources

Interested in a Research or Teaching Assistantship, Internship? Check Out the Department Want Ads

Good Student News

Did you Know…?

Breaking News: Faculty Changes for 2011-12

Careful readers of the Fall 2011 Schedule of Classes will notice some familiar names missing from the “instructor” column. There’s a good reason for this. After more than 30 years of distinguished service at UW-Green Bay, Dr. Lloyd Noppe will retire this summer, and although we will miss him greatly, we are also very happy for him and will celebrate his career with an in-depth profile in our year-end issue of the PF. Students should also know that Dr. Illene Noppe will be on sabbatical in Fall 2011 but will return to full-time teaching in Spring 2012. Dr. Regan Gurung will be on sabbatical for Fall 2011 and Spring 2012 but will rejoin us in Fall 2012. Our next issue will feature more information about the exciting plans for their sabbaticals, which should both result in fabulous information and experiences to share with students in future semesters. Please congratulate all of these wonderful faculty members when you see them!

Registration Tips: Understanding Priority Registration, Pre-Requisites, and Internet Courses

Keep reading for the most up-to-date tips on Fall 2011 registration!

Priority Registration
Our policy of priority registration for upper-level Human Development classes will continue this fall. That means that Human Development majors and minors (and for HUM DEV 331, 332, and 343 Psychology majors and minors, too!) will have first access to our classes during registration. You’ll notice these classes will say “Reserved” in the on-line schedule of classes. Don’t let that worry you – they are “reserved” for YOU!

Pre-Requisites and Internet Courses
We get a number of questions about pre-requisites at this time of year. If you are curious about pre-requisites for a class, click on the hyperlink for the course name in the on-line “Schedule of Classes” you can access on the UWGB website.

Note that things listed after “P:” are required to enroll (e.g., “P: HUM DEV 210” would mean HUM DEV 210 needed to be taken before you could enroll in this class).

On the other hand, things listed after “REC:” are recommended (e.g., it’s recommended that you take HUM DEV 331 before HUM DEV 332, but it’s not required). Classes might also have a pre-requisite that you have a certain major or a certain class year in order to register. Keep this in mind, especially if you look at Internet courses. Many of these are offered through Adult Degree and have as a pre-requisite a major in Interdisciplinary Studies, BAS-IST, or Nursing. You will get an error message if you try to enroll in one of those courses and are not a major in one of the above programs. These classes include Sections 183 ONLY of the following: PSYCH 102, HUM DEV 210, HUM DEV 331, HUM DEV 332, HUM DEV 343, HUM DEV 345, HUM DEV 346, and HUM DEV 424. Note that you can request special permission to enroll in these classes (from the instructor and Adult Degree), but not until some time after priority registration has ended. Additional fees may also apply because they are Internet classes, which carry an additional $60 fee and are not included in the “tuition plateau” for full-time students (i.e., have to pay separately for these classes beyond your full-time tuition).

P/HD Club: A Message from the President, Kaitlyn Florer

Hello P/HD Club Members!

First of all, I would like to congratulate the newly-elected officers that will be joining myself and Emma Bretl (vice president) next year:

Areanna Lakowske: Secretary

Craig Van Pay: Treasurer

Taylor Saari: Officer of Communications

We also have several exciting events coming up in the next few weeks, and we hope to see lots of you there!

“How to be a Rockstar Undergrad: Making the most of Your College Career”: March 31 at 5 pm in MAC 237. Professor Martin and Professor Gurung will be presenting on how to make the most out of your time here at UW-GB.

Hygiene/Toy Drive for the Golden House: April 4-8. Drop off any donation items at the booth in the Garden Cafe.

Presentation by Dr. Dave Radosevich on leadership and how psychology plays a role: April 18 at 5:30 pm in the 1965 Room.

If you have any questions or would like more information about the Psychology and Human Development Club, feel free to contact me, Kaitlyn Florer.