Your 2nd Hint: New Pink Flamingo Editor

We were the first and only campus publication to break the news about a new Pink Flamingo editor joining the dynamic duo of Dr. Martin and Dr. Vespia. Your previous hint about this new editor’s identity centered around his/her illicit behavior in driving without a license. Here’s another car-related hint: This person has only owned blue cars. That flamingo you saw around campus was just a summer ride – it had to fly south for the winter.

Careers of the Month: October 2009 Edition

We have many students who tell us they are interested in counseling careers. This month we bring you information about two types of “counseling” professionals you may have overlooked.

Financial Aid Counselor: We all know the importance of financial aid in higher education. Ever consider becoming a professional who can help students through that stressful process? Learn more at:

Academic Counselor/Advisor: Another common source of stress for college students comes in the form of academic pressures and decisions. Professionals with graduate degrees in counseling, higher education, and related fields can help students with course selection, future planning, and coping with the stresses of academic life. Find additional information at:

Career Tip of the Month: Polish that Resume

Whether you are looking for a job right now or dreaming of a graduation still several semesters away, it is never too early to create a polished, professional resume. Where to begin? Try the on-line “Creating a Resume Guide” on the Career Services webpage ( You can also check out sample resumes ( Don’t just use those as templates, though – or rely on other professionally produced templates. Employers will recognize many of those, and they will have received many resumes that look just like them! You want your resume to be a fresh, professional document that is a unique reflection of your abilities and experiences. Don’t forget, by the way, that Career Services offers great resume review services, and they will also be the special guest at the P/HD Club resume writing session for our students on Monday, November 16th at 5:00 p.m. in MAC 210. You want this document to be perfect, so proofread, proofread, proofread, and get as many other perspectives on it as possible.

Grad School Tip of the Month: Attend the Graduate School Series

The Psychology and Human Development Club is again hosting the Graduate School series, which includes three events on the first three Mondays of November (the 2nd, 9th, and 16th) from 5:00 to 6:00 – all in MAC 210.  We encourage you to attend any or all of these meetings to learn more about the graduate school process, get answers to important questions and start thinking about what you can do to make yourself competitive for graduate school. 

General Information Session: On November 2nd, the presentation will feature Drs. Burns and Martin and focus on providing general information about graduate school and the application process. This will be helpful for all students, from first-year to super-senior, thinking about graduate school.

Writing Your Personal Statement: Drs. Bartell and Vespia will be featured at the November 9th meeting and will be presenting on writing a great personal statement that will help you get noticed (in a good way) by the graduate school admissions committee.  Again, this is open to all but will be most valuable to those who are in the midst of putting together their applications and writing that pesky personal statement. 

Resume/Vita Writing: Finally, the November 16th presentation will be on resume/vita writing and will feature a speaker from Career Services.  Whether planning on going to graduate school or entering the workforce, this should help you learn how best to showcase your experiences and get noticed.