The October 2009 Edition of The Pink Flamingo

Welcome to the October issue of The Pink Flamingo! It’s a big week here in Green Bay: our new Chancellor is being inaugurated on Friday, Halloween is just around the corner, and we’re all waiting to find out if Packer fans will be in for tricks or treats when you-know-who returns to Lambeau Field on Sunday. Meanwhile, this week is also special because it brings you the Registration Issue of our little blog. In it you’ll find must-have information to prepare for course scheduling, including new course offerings for the Spring; TA, RA, and Internship want ads; and breaking news about revisions to the Human Development curriculum. That will be followed by our regular features, such as P/HD Club news and Career and Grad School tips. Enjoy! 

  • Breaking News: Human Development REVAMPS Curriculum
  • This Just in…New PSYCH Classes for Spring 2010
  • Membership Has Its Benefits: Human Development Major/Minor Priority Registration
  • “I’ve already registered for the next 4 years!”: My Planner on SIS
  • New Mental Health Advocacy Internship
  • Developmental Research Methods (HUM DEV 302) Replaces/Substitutes for COMM SCI 301
  • One More Time: Research Methods Pre-Requisite Waiver Process
  • Don’t Forget About Summer Classes
  • Recycling Registration Resources
  • P/HD Club Update from President Wilhelm: Events and Officer Info
  • Psi Chi Update from President Degeneffe: Three great events in November
  • Your 2nd Hint: New Pink Flamingo Editor
  • Careers of the Month: October 2009 Edition
  • Career Tip of the Month: Polish that Resume
  • Grad School Tip of the Month: Attend the Graduate School Series
  • Help with Graduate School Applications and Finding a Good Match
  • Pink Flamingo Mailbox
  • Want Ads: RAs, TAs, and Internships

Breaking News: Human Development REVAMPS Curriculum

Our top-notch crew of investigative reporters has this item hot off the presses: After two years of discussion Human Development has revised its curriculum for the major! Some key problems addressed include: insufficient interdisciplinarity and structure, ambiguity, a laundry list of courses without organization, and confusion in the role played by different disciplines. Starting NEXT academic year (Fall 2010) NEW majors will have a brand-new set of major requirements that tell a tighter story. All current majors have the option to switch to the new and improved catalog if they so choose. Some of the changes include:

1.     New Biology, Anthropology/Sociology, and Psychology requirements and options

2.     Electives Grouped by Key Areas of the Study of Human Development

3.     Removal of Cultural Diversity requirement BUT more Diversity Options Added Throughout

You can view the full new major requirements at: Consult with your advisor if you think you might be interested in changing catalog years and taking advantage of this new and improved curriculum.

This Just in…New PSYCH Classes for Spring 2010

Dr. Radosevich will be offering PSYCH 483F: Clinical Child Psychology as a new course in the spring.  Students will need to have completed either Abnormal Psychology OR Counseling Across the Lifespan as a prerequisite.  This class will focus on developmental psychopathology, specifically disorders in childhood and adolescence and their treatment options. This class will count as an upper-level elective in Psychology.

Dr. Burns will be offering PSYCH 305: Psychology of Stereotyping and Prejudice as a new course in the spring.  Introduction to Psychology is the only prerequisite for this course. This class will provide an overview of the causes and effects of stereotyping and prejudice, including how they can be reduced. It is also a triple threat – it will count as an upper-level writing emphasis course, as an Ethnic Studies course for General Education, AND as an upper-level elective for Psychology. 

Membership Has Its Benefits: Human Development Major/Minor Priority Registration

In order to help majors and minors get courses in Human Development, there will be a system of priority registration. Only HUM DEV senior and junior majors and minors will be allowed to register in HUM DEV upper-level elective courses (i.e., course numbers 302 and higher) during the first few days of registration. Upper-class-folk from other majors/minors may add our classes once sophomores start registering if space permits. Exceptions: Psychology majors/minors also have this priority for the lifespan courses (Infancy, Middle, Adulthood), as these courses also count for Psychology. Senior Social Work Majors also have priority for Family Development.