Summer Classes Still Open!

Many summer classes remained open at press time. This is a great opportunity to get ahead in your studies. Many classes are available, including: Abnormal Psychology; Adulthood and Aging; Counseling Across the Lifespan; Death, Dying, and Loss; Family Development; Health Psychology; Middle Childhood and Adolescence; Psychology of Cognitive Processes; Social Psychology; and Theories of Personality. You do not need to wait until registration for Fall 2009 opens – you are eligible to register today! 

Registration Alert: Research Course Prerequisites for Fall and Waiver Request Procedures

Long-time readers should remember that starting next Fall (2009), Experimental Psychology (PSYCH 300) or Foundations of Social Research (COMM SCI 301) will be required for most upper-level courses in Psychology.  If you haven’t taken one of these courses, you should plan on doing so as soon as possible (there will be three sections of PSYCH 300 offered in the Fall). We don’t want this new requirement to prevent anyone’s graduation next semester, and we recognize it puts Psychology minors (many of whom are not required to take a research methods course) in a difficult situation. Know that we are working on a procedure to consider waiver requests. If you wish to request a pre-requisite waiver for one of these courses for the Fall, please email the instructor of the course right away with: a) your name; b) your student ID#; c) your class standing (e.g., junior, senior); and d) your rationale for needing a waiver. Note that making a request doesn’t guarantee it will be granted.


As a reminder, the following Fall 2009 offerings now have a research methods pre-requisite: Psychology of Cognitive Processes, Social Psychology, Theories of Personality, Counseling Across the Lifespan, Psychology and Culture, Psychology of Emotion, Tests and Measurements, and Health Psychology.

Recycling Registration Resources

In what has become a semi-annual tradition, we bring back some of our favorite old Registration stories for your reading pleasure. Yes, you could say we’re just too lazy to write something new, but we prefer to think of it as exposing new readers to classics in the field. It’s not A Tale of Two Cities or War and Peace – it’s even better – it’s vintage Pink Flamingo.


FAQs About Registration and Advising


This Just In…New Procedure for Declaring a HUM DEV or PSYCH Major or Minor


Research Assistantships: A Student Perspective


Teaching Assistantships: A Student Perspective


Internships: A Student Perspective

Advisors: Take Time to Meet with Yours

Before you register, you may want to take time to meet with your Human Development and/or Psychology advisor.  He or she can help you with course selection appropriate to your goals, make sure you are on track to graduate, give you career/graduate school information, and more. For those of you who are not entirely sure who your advisor is, you should be able to find his or her name in Student Information System (SIS) by looking in the lower right corner of the “Student Center” page.