Welcome to the February Issue of The Pink Flamingo

It’s the first issue of The Pink Flamingo in 2009! What could be better? Well, maybe a vacation to Florida to see some real flamingos, or even just a February that has more days above 0 degrees than below. Sadly, although we may even hit 40 this week, that blasted Sun Prairie groundhog has already guaranteed us at least 6 more weeks of winter weather, and we’re only newsletter editors, so the best we can do is bring you some great information sprinkled with our unique brand of humor. Read on – and don’t miss the Top 10 list!

  • Breaking News: Human Development Hires New Professor
  • P/HD Club News: Big Plans this Semester
  • Psi Chi News: Applications, Initiation, Honor Cords, Rock Band, and More!
  • This Just In…New Procedure for Declaring a HUM DEV or PSYCH Major or Minor
  • New Feature: Student News to Celebrate
  • Want to Teach in the Wisconsin Schools But Don’t Have an Education Degree?
  • Trying to Speed Up Graduation? Register for Summer Classes!
  • Careers of the Month: February 2009 Edition
  • Graduate School Tip of the Month: Help Dealing with Admission Decisions
  • Career Tip of the Month: Specific Ways to Prepare for the Job Market
  • What’s New? Jobs, Volunteer Opportunities, and More on the HUD/PSYCH Bulletin Board
  • War and Peace Seminar: Human Development Explores the Campus Common Theme
  • Author! Author! Professor Gurung Publishes Four (Yes, Four) Books!
  • Call for Help: Submit Your Pink Flamingo Ideas
  • Top Ten Reasons We Know Spring Is Coming…Really

Breaking News: Human Development Hires New Professor

The Human Development Department is thrilled to share the news that we will be welcoming a new faculty member this Fall. Soon-to-be Professor Melissa Schnurr will be joining the faculty after completing her doctoral work in Human Development and Family Studies at Iowa State University. She will be teaching both Middle Childhood and Adolescence and Infancy and Early Childhood next year. She has research interests in the areas of romantic relationships and relationship violence. Thank you to all students who attended teaching or research colloquia and who took faculty candidates to lunch. One of the most consistent comments we hear from our candidates is how very impressive our students are!

P/HD Club News: Big Plans this Semester

The Psychology and Human Development (P/HD) Club has big plans for the semester, including movie nights, volunteer opportunities, guest speakers, and other exciting events. First up is Dr. Illene Noppe, who will be speaking about college student grief at the February 24th meeting (5:00 p.m. in Phoenix Room A).  Then, in early March the club will be starting a discussion group for those interested in talking about professional issues related to human development and psychology.  The first meeting will be on March 4th at 4:00 p.m. in the Garden Café, when the group will discuss the ethical issues related to torture.  Also, the P/HD Club is looking for people interested in becoming officers next year. Please contact the current President, Tiffany Wilhelm (wilhtm31@uwgb.edu), if you would like more information. Finally, for those of you who might be interested, the P/HD Club has a Facebook group. To find it, look for “UWGB’s Psychology and Human Development Club.”

Psi Chi News: Applications, Initiation, Honor Cords, Rock Band, and More!

The Psi Chi honor society will have its 4th annual initiation ceremony on March 25th from 5:30 – 7:00 p.m. in the University Union. Please remember that final applications for membership are due by Feb. 15th.  Members can also look forward to a special dinner on February 18th at 7 p.m. at Victoria’s.  As always, graduating members should order their honor cords ($13.00 due to Twila Marquardt in MAC C310) well in advance of graduation. Finally, members are reminded to join the UWGB Psi Chi Facebook Group and check the Psi Chi D2L page regularly for updates, pictures, and more 

Psi Chi will also be coordinating a number of events for all Psychology and Human Development majors/minors. Get your vocal cords and dancing duds ready for “ROCK BAND” on April 27th. It will be a great fundraiser and social event.  On March 12th, Psi Chi will be coordinating a special event for area high school seniors and teachers of psychology in secondary schools – students and teachers will be provided with a free lunch (courtesy of the UWGB Admissions Office) and get to listen to scintillating presentations on psychological science. Other special speakers and social events (in collaboration with the PHD Club) are also in the cards.