Infants Outdoor Sleeping in Finland

Tourulaetal2008 For those interested in more information regarding the practice of having infants taking naps outdoors in Finland as described by Dr. Janet Reilly’s post, please click on the attached pdf.

7 thoughts on “Infants Outdoor Sleeping in Finland”

  1. Though the idea of letting infants sleep outdoors is a bit weird for those of use who live in the city, this is actually healthy since the air outside is natural and soothing for the baby. I think it promotes good blood circulation and having a good dose of natural air.

  2. This study provides a window on a culturally bound childcare practice in northern Finland. Culture can be viewed as a broad and    comprehensive way of knowing, explaining and predicting people’s ways of life over time and in different geographic locations (25)

  3. I agree with the conclusion that objective measurements and an extensive study about parents’ experiences are needed before guidelines for allowing children to sleep outdoors in the winter can be updated.

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