Geoscience students and faculty present research at Geological Society of America Conference

As a part of the Geological Society of America Conference, Geoscience students and faculty at UW-Green Bay presented their research. The students included:

Shawn Malone, who presented a poster (with two student coauthors Kristal VandenElzen-Benson (current Geoscience major) and Bruce Bilgreen (Dec. ’23 Geoscience grad.). His poster was about finding and age dating the oldest rock in Wisconsin. They used Uranium-Lead (U-Pb) Laser Ablation ICP-MS methods on tiny zircon grains found within a rock called a granitic gneiss. The rock is 3.268 billion years old and is from the “Archean Marshfield Terrane” near Wisconsin Rapids, WI. View the findings and full project here. 

Eryn Carney, a current Geoscience major, presented a poster with her advisor John Luczaj and other colleagues from Trinity University, as well as others from China, New York, and Arizona on their NSF-supported research project in China. Their research determined the origin of dolomite, and enigmatic mineral that replaces limestone. They used fluid-inclusion microthermometry, Laser Ablation ICP-MS Uranium-Lead age dating, stable isotopes, and other geochemical and petrographic information during their investigations.

Luczaj and Carney were also coauthors on one or two other posters presented by Trinity University students on related projects in China. They can be found at and

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