One of our favorite LIR instructors, Dr. Greg Aldrete, has earned teacher-of-the-year honors both local and national. Now there’s new recognition coming his way with publication of a video course as part of “The Great Courses” series. The video/audio series is produced by the Teaching Company, a Virginia-based distributor that employs noted educators to lead courses which are marketed to lifelong learners and others.  Dr. Aldrete’s course is “The History of the Ancient World: A Global Perspective”, and it explores the story of civilization from its beginnings up to about 800 AD—basically from Mesopotamia to the Middle Ages.  Four dozen lectures address development of ancient civilizations in Europe, Asia, India, Africa, the Pacific, and the Americas.  Congratulations Dr. Aldrete !

PS: Don’t miss Greg’s LIR class in April on “The Greatest Conquerors of Ancient Macedon, Rome, India and China.”


Are you interested in giving back to LIR? Do you enjoy working with volunteers? The Volunteer Development Committee is looking for members to become part of our committee and help us as we develop training programs for coordinators and office volunteers, organize a New Member Welcome, track volunteerism in LIR, and match coordinators to classes for the upcoming semester. If interested, please contact Karen Dallman [kdallman@new.rr.com]. We meet the third Tuesday of each month, and would love to have you join us!


Members of the Learning in Retirement Volunteer Committee show how easy it is to volunteer to work on some aspect of the LIR program.
Remember without the help of members, there could be no Learning in Retirement.  If you’d like to get involved in helping with LIR activities, call  Karen Dallman at 406-8206 or e-mail her at mvfrpilots@aol.com