New Books for March 2015

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100 ideas that changed the web / Jim Boulton.

41 : inside the presidency of George H.W. Bush / edited by Michael Nelson and Barbara A. Perry.

American reckoning : the Vietnam War and our national identity / Christian G. Appy.

Americans against the city : anti-urbanism in the twentieth century / Steven Conn.

Amoeba in the room : lives of the microbes / Nicholas P. Money.

Annotated Wuthering Heights / Emily Bronte ; edited by Janet Gezari.

Art in America, 1945-1970 : writings from the age of abstract expressionism, pop art, and minimalism / Jed Perl, editor.

Art since 1960 / Michael Archer.

Artists of the possible : governing networks and American policy change since 1945 / Matt Grossmann.

Artists under Hitler : collaboration and survival in Nazi Germany / Jonathan Petropoulos.

Auschwitz, the allies and censorship of the Holocaust / Michael Fleming.

Autism and the social world of childhood : a sociocultural perspective on theory and practice / Carmel Conn.

Autism and the social world of childhood : a sociocultural perspective on theory and practice / Carmel Conn.

Avian urban ecology : behavioural and physiological adaptations / edited by Diego Gil and Henrik Brumm.

Banned : a history of pesticides and the science of toxicology / Frederick Rowe Davis.

Basic organic chemistry for the life sciences / Hrvoj Vančik.

Becoming the boss : new rules for the next generation of leaders / Lindsey Pollak.

Best practices in literacy instruction / edited by Linda B. Gambrell, Lesley Mandel Morrow.

Bridging the gender gap : seven principles for achieving gender balance / Lynn Roseberry and Johan Roos.

Brothers & sisters : myth and reality / Henry Abramovitch ; foreword by David H. Rosen.

Burning down the house : the end of juvenile prison / Nell Bernstein.

Buying the vote : a history of campaign finance reform / Robert E. Mutch.

Call Me Burroughs : A Life / Barry Miles.

Cambridge companion to Aristotle’s Nicomachean ethics / edited by Ronald Polansky, Duquesne University, Pittsburgh.

Cambridge companion to the Italian Renaissance / edited by Michael Wyatt.

Carnivore way : coexisting with and conserving North America’s predators / by Cristina Eisenberg.

Changing the subject : writing women across the African diaspora / K. Merinda Simmons.

Chaplin’s war trilogy : an evolving lens in three dark comedies, 1918-1947 / Wes D. Gehring ; foreword by Conrad Lane.

Chiefs and challengers : Indian resistance and cooperation in southern California, 1769-1906 / George Harwood Phillips.

Choosing homes, choosing schools / Annette Lareau, Kimberly Goyette, editors.

Citizen’s Guide to American Foreign Policy : Tragic Choices and the Limits of Rationality / David Patrick Houghton.

Citizenship in Cold War America : the national security state and the possibilities of dissent / Andrea Friedman.

Collaborative strategies for sustainable cities : economy, environment and community in Baltimore / Eric S. Zeemering.

Colliding worlds : how cutting-edge science is redefining contemporary art / Arthur I. Miller.

Constructing a German diaspora : the “Greater German Empire,” 1871-1914 / Stefan Manz.

Crime and punishment / Fyodor Dostoevsky ; translated and with an introduction and notes by Oliver Ready.

Cultures of milk : the biology and meaning of dairy products in the United States and India / Andrea S. Wiley.

Custom-made brain : cerebral plasticity, regeneration, and enhancement / Jean-Didier Vincent and Pierre-Marie Lledo ; translated by Laurence Garey.

Dante’s Inferno / Philip Terry.

Deluge : the Great War and the remaking of global order 1916-1931 / Adam Tooze.

Developing fluent readers : teaching fluency as a foundational skill / Melanie R. Kuhn, Lorell Levy.

Developing vocabulary and oral language in young children / Rebecca D. Silverman, Anna M. Hartranft ; series editors’ note by Sharon Walpole and Michael C. McKenna.

Developing word recognition / Latisha Hayes, Kevin Flanigan.

Devil : a new biography / Philip C. Almond.

Domestic violence advocacy : complex lives/difficult choices / Jill Davies, Greater Hartford Legal Aid, Inc., Eleanor Lyon.

Educating a diverse nation : lessons from minority-serving institutions / Clifton Conrad & Marybeth Gasman.

Educational delusions? : why choice can deepen inequality and how to make schools fair / Gary Orfield and Erica Frankenberg and associates.

Encyclopedia of the zombie : the walking dead in popular culture and myth / June Michele Pulliam and Anthony J. Fonseca, editors.

Engaging students in disciplinary literacy, K-6 : reading, writing, and teaching tools for the classroom / Cynthia H. Brock, Virginia J. Goatley, Taffy E. Raphael, Elisabeth Trost-Shahata, Catherine M. Weber ; foreword by Annemarie Sullivan Palincsar.

Environmental history of medieval Europe / by Richard C. Hoffmann.

Ethics of Captivity / edited by Lori Gruen.

Europe recast : a history of European Union / Desmond Dinan.

Everyday bias : identifying and navigating unconscious judgments in our daily lives / Howard J. Ross.

Ex-prisoner’s dilemma : how women negotiate competing narratives of reentry and desistance / Andrea M. Leverentz.

Failure to flourish : how law undermines family relationships / Clare Huntington.

False starts : the rhetoric of failure and the making of American modernism / David M. Ball.

Family furnishings : selected stories, 1995-2014 / Alice Munro ; foreword by Jane Smiley.

Family violence : legal, medical, and social perspectives / Harvey Wallace, Cliff Roberson, Washburn University.

Fat : culture and materiality / edited by Christopher E. Forth and Alison Leitch.

Feel of the city : experiences of urban transformation / Nicolas Kenny.

Feminism unfinished : a short, surprising history of American women’s movements / Dorothy Sue Cobble, Linda Gordon, and Astrid Henry.

Field guide to actor training : navigating acting methods, studio classes, private training, and graduate and undergraduate programs / Laura Wayth.

Final passages : the intercolonial slave trade of British America, 1619-1807 / Gregory E. O’Malley.

First World War : still no end in sight / Frank Furedi.

Food waste : home consumption, material culture and everyday life / David Evans.

Forcing the spring : inside the fight for marriage equality / Jo Becker.

Freedom’s delay : America’s struggle for emancipation, 1776-1865 / Allen Carden.

From despair to faith : the spirituality of Søren Kierkegaard / Christopher B. Barnett.

From the dance hall to Facebook : teen girls, mass media, and moral panic in the United States, 1905-2010 / Shayla Thiel-Stern.

Fundamentalism : perspectives on a contested history / edited by Simon A. Wood and David Harrington Watt.

Garden of the world : Asian immigrants and the making of agriculture in California’s Santa Clara Valley / Cecilia M. Tsu.

Gateway to freedom : the hidden history of the underground railroad / Eric Foner.

Give me a fast ship : the Continental Navy and America’s Revolution at sea / Tim McGrath.

Global bioethics and human rights : contemporary issues / edited by Wanda Teays, John-Stewart Gordon, and Alison Dundes Renteln.

Global population : history, geopolitics, and life on earth / Alison Bashford.

Globalization and food sovereignty : global and local change in the new politics of food / edited by Peter Andrée, Jeffrey Ayres, Michael J. Bosia, and Marie-Josée Massicotte.

Growing local : case studies on local food supply chains / edited by Robert P. King, Michael S. Hand, and Miguel I. Gómez.

Growth of incarceration in the United States : exploring causes and consequences / Committee on Causes and Consequences of High Rates of Incarceration, Jeremy Travis, Bruce Western, and Steve Redburn editors ; Committee on Law and Justice, Division of Beh

Gun crime in global contexts / Peter Squires.

History of the American musical theatre : no business like it / Nathan Hurwitz.

How talking cures : revealing Freud’s contributions to all psychotherapies / Lee Jaffe.

How television shapes our worldview : media representations of social trends and change / edited by Deborah A. Macey, Kathleen M. Ryan, and Noah J. Springer.

Huck Finn’s America : Mark Twain and the era that shaped his masterpiece / Andrew Levy.

Hungry mind : the origins of curiosity in childhood / Susan Engel.

Improving the odds for America’s children : future directions in policy and practice / Kathleen McCartney, Hirokazu Yoshikawa, Laurie B. Forcier, editors.

Indian subjects : hemispheric perspectives on the history of indigenous education / edited by Brenda J. Child and Brian Klopotek.

Informal American city : Beyond taco trucks and day labor / edited by Vinit Mukhija and Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris.

Inside the historical film / Bruno Ramirez.

Intellectual life of Edmund Burke : from the sublime and beautiful to American independence / David Bromwich.

Invaders : how humans and their dogs drove Neanderthals to extinction / Pat Shipman.

Is the planet full? / edited by Ian Goldin.

Japan : the paradox of harmony / Keiko Hirata and Mark Warschauer.

Jealousy / Peter Toohey.

Jeff Koons : a retrospective / Scott Rothkopf ; with contributions by Antonio Damasio [and seven others].

Jihadis return : ISIS and the new Sunni uprising / Patrick Cockburn.

Kids on YouTube : technical identities and digital literacies / Patricia G. Lange.

Kids, cops, and confessions : inside the interrogation room / Barry C. Feld.

Knowing what to do : imagination, virtue, and Platonism in ethics / Timothy Chappell.

Living the secular life : new answers to old questions / Phil Zuckerman.

Long-term community recovery from natural disasters / Lucy A. Arendt and Daniel J. Alesch.

Long-term response of a forest watershed ecosystem : clearcutting in the southern Appalachians / edited by Wayne T. Swank and Jackson R. Webster.

Machiavelli : a portrait / Christopher S. Celenza.

Mad mothers, bad mothers, & what a “good” mother would do : the ethics of ambivalence / Sarah LaChance Adams.

Mathematics for equity : a framework for successful practice / edited by Na’ilah Suad Nasir [and four others].

Melodramatic imperial writing : from the Sepoy Rebellion to Cecil Rhodes / Neil Hultgren.

Migration of musical film : from ethnic margins to American mainstream / Desirée J. Garcia.

Millennial spring : designing the future of organizations / edited by Miriam Grace, George B. Graen.

Misfit forms : paths not taken by the British novel / Lorri G. Nandrea.

Napoleon : the end of glory / Munro Price.

NFL : critical and cultural perspectives / edited by Thomas Patrick Oates and Zack Furness.

No-nonsense guide to degrowth and sustainability / Wayne Ellwood.

Our ice is vanishing = Sikuvut nunguliqtuq : a history of Inuit, newcomers, and climate change / Shelley Wright.

Parental conflict : outcomes and interventions for children and families / Jenny Reynolds, Catherine Houlston, Lester Coleman and Gordon Harold.

Physical chemistry : a very short introduction / Peter Atkins.

Place for humility : Whitman, Dickinson, and the natural world / Christine Gerhardt.

Pocket guide to analyzing films / Robert Spadoni.

Politics of evangelical identity : local churches and partisan divides in the United States and Canada / Lydia Bean.

Politics of non-state social welfare / edited by Melani Cammett and Lauren M. MacLean.

Power, Politics, and the Decline of the Civil Rights Movement : A Fragile Coalition, 1967-1973 / Christopher P. Lehman.

Predator paradox : ending the war with wolves, bears, cougars, and coyotes / John A. Shivik.

Promoting school readiness and early learning : implications of developmental research for practice / edited by Michel Boivin, Karen L. Bierman.

Psychopathy : an introduction to biological findings and their implications / Andrea L. Glenn and Adrian Raine.

Rachel Carson and her sisters : extraordinary women who have shaped America’s environment / Robert K. Musil.

Racial disproportionality in child welfare / Marian S. Harris.

Rail and the city : shrinking our carbon footprint while reimagining urban space / Roxanne Warren.

Reading assessment : a primer for teachers in the common core era / JoAnne Schudt Caldwell.

Reading Dante : From Here to Eternity / Prue Shaw.

Reading, writing, and literacy 2.0 : teaching with online texts, tools, and resources, K-8 / Denise Johnson.

Reagan Era : a history of the 1980s / Doug Rossinow.

Resister : a story of protest and prison during the Vietnam War / Bruce Dancis.

Rethinking prison reentry : transforming humiliation into humility / Tony Gaskew.

Reynolds : portraiture in action / Mark Hallett.

Richard Nixon and the Vietnam War : the end of the American century / David F. Schmitz.

Rush : America’s fevered quest for fortune, 1848-1853 / Edward Dolnick.

Sámi peoples of the North : a social and cultural history / Neil Kent.

Set-up men : race, culture and resistance in Black baseball / Sarah L. Trembanis.

Shallow subterranean habitats : ecology, evolution, and conservation / David C. Culver, Department of Environmental Science, American University, Washington, DC, USA; Tanja Pipan, Karst Research Institute, Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Scien

Smartphone : anatomy of an industry / Elizabeth Woyke.

Social work practice for promoting health and wellbeing : critical issues / edited by Liz Beddoe and Jane Maidment.

Sod busting : how families made farms on the nineteenth-century plains / David B. Danbom.

St. Lawrence Island Yupik language and culture video lessons / Arctic Studies Center, Smithsonian Institution.

Status update : celebrity, publicity, and branding in the social media age / Alice E. Marwick.

Staying alive : personal identity, practical concerns, and the unity of a life / Marya Schechtman.

Stitch in time : the needlework of aging women in antebellum America / Aimee E. Newell.

Storm of witchcraft : the Salem trials and the American experience / Emerson W. Baker.

Straights : heterosexuality in post-closeted culture / James Joseph Dean.

Struggle for the Eurasian borderlands : from the rise of early modern empires to the end of the First World War / Alfred J. Rieber.

Susan Sontag : a biography / Daniel Schreiber ; translated from the German by David Dollenmayer.

Sustainability : a history / Jeremy L. Caradonna.

Sustainability : if it’s everything, is it nothing? / Heather M. Farley and Zachary A. Smith.

Sustainable development : the UN Millennium Development Goals, the UN Global Compact, and the common good / edited by Oliver F. Williams, C.S.C.

Sustainable energy solutions for climate change / Mark Diesendorf.

Teacher’s guide to student mental health / William Dikel, MD.

Teaching for creativity in the common core classroom / Ronald A. Beghetto, James C. Kaufman, John Baer ; Foreword by Robert J. Sternberg.

Theory of the drone / Grégoire Chamayou ; translated by Janet Lloyd.

Thirsty city : politics, greed, and the making of Atlanta’s water crisis / Skye Borden.

To live and die in Dixie : native northerners who fought for the Confederacy / David Ross Zimring.

Touch : the science of hand, heart, and mind / David J. Linden.

Toxic communities : environmental racism, industrial pollution, and residential mobility / Dorceta E. Taylor.

Triumph of improvisation : Gorbachev’s adaptability, Reagan’s engagement, and the end of the Cold War / James Graham Wilson.

U.S. Latinos and education policy : research-based directions for change / edited by Pedro R. Portes, Spencer Salas, Patricia Baquedano-López, and Paula J. Mellom.

Van Gogh : a power seething / Julian Bell.

Vanishing neighbor : the transformation of American community / Marc J. Dunkelman.

Victoria : a life / A. N. Wilson.

Virtue in media : the moral psychology of excellence in news and public relations / Patrick Lee Plaisance.

Wallace, Darwin, and the origin of species / James T. Costa.

What Galileo saw : imagining the scientific revolution / Lawrence Lipking.

When middle-class parents choose urban schools : class, race, and the challenge of equity in public education / Linn Posey-Maddox.

When middle-class parents choose urban schools : class, race, and the challenge of equity in public education / Linn Posey-Maddox.

When Paris went dark : the City of Light under German occupation, 1940-1944 / Ronald C. Rosbottom.

Wild connection : what animal courtship and mating tell us about human relationships / Jennifer L. Verdolin.

Wind power for the world : the rise of modern wind energy / editors, Preben Maegaard, Anna Krenz, Wolfgang Palz.

Wind power politics and policy / Scott Victor Valentine.

Worlds apart : poverty and politics in rural America / Cynthia M. Duncan ; foreword by Angela Glover Blackwell.

Zoned in the USA : the origins and implications of American land-use regulation / Sonia A. Hirt.