Connect Google Scholar to Cofrin Library

If you search Google Scholar from campus– the “scholarly” subset of Google, with journal article citations & book citations–you will often see the Find It at UW-Green Bay link next to many of the citations:

Find It @ UW-Green Bay

This link directs you to Cofrin Library content in our databases–most often in the form of online access to journal articles. This is helpful because the library has paid for this content for you. Otherwise, you will often be directed to publishers’ websites for payment.

Off-Campus Access
But when you search Google Scholar from off-campus, you don’t automatically get links to Cofrin Library content. However, you can set your preferences to include the Find it @ UW-Green Bay link. This gives you access to content from the library. It’s fast and easy to do:

  1. Go to Google Scholar
  2. Click on “Scholar Preferences” in the top right corner
  3. In the “Library Links” box, type in: UW-Green Bay
  4. Click on “Save Preferences”

Start searching Google Scholar and easily connect to our content from Cofrin Library!

Note: online, off-campus, access to Cofrin Library resources is limited to current UWGB students, faculty, and staff.

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