Changes at the Library

The Library staff is busy working on a number of exciting projects this summer. While we will be sharing more details of these projects later in the summer there are a few changes worth noting now.

  1. Video Collection is moving back into the Library. We are excited to have the video collection back in library. This move means that the collection will be available now in the evenings and on weekends. It also means that we will be able to make most of the collection available for browsing. The change will however mean a change in the way we “hold” videos for classes, more details about that will be coming later in the summer. The collection will continue to be available at Media Services until the beginning of August.
  2. Music Collection is now available for browsing. The CD music collection is now located on the 3rd floor around the corner from the circulation desk. You can now browse through the CDs grouped by category rather than having to look something up in the online catalog. (Suggestions are welcome for category changes.)
  3. E-Reserves service is ending. For the past year we have been encouraging faculty to put their electronic reserves into their D2L courses instead of in our e-reserves system with the goal of being able to end this service. Posting readings into a D2L course has many advantages over e-reserves: 1) it is where students prefer to go to get the material; 2) D2L is more user friendly allowing quicker access to the documents; 3) faculty are able to see which students have accessed the materials and for how long; 4) better copyright compliance because of the limited access.

We will be providing you with more details on all of the exciting changes later this summer, but if you have any questions about these particular changes now, please feel free to contact Paula Ganyard, Library Director, ( or Emily Rogers, Public Services Coordinator, (

Have a great summer!

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