Competitive Problem Solving for Corporate Innovation Challenges: 7 UWGB Students Spend a Saturday for Sartori at Jake’s Cafe in Sheboygan

Seven UWGB students recently spent a Saturday solving real corporate innovation challenges in a competitive problem solving environment at Jake’s Café in Sheboygan for Sartori, a family owned company in Plymouth dedicated to making the world’s finest artisan cheese made from premium milk supplied by local Wisconsin farmers. While several students applied to the program, these students were invited to participate. The students were placed on competitive problem solving teams with college students from other Eastern Wisconsin universities. Students formed one team to ideate then present their solutions to one corporate innovation challenge provided by Sartori, then formed a second team to solve another of Sartori’s corporate innovation challenges. Students were mentored along the way in The Commons’ innovation process by representatives from Sartori. Top three teams were selected from each corporate innovation challenge then a top three overall were selected. One UWGB student, Misty Wolff (Accounting), was on two top three teams plus the team that placed first overall. The UWGB students who participated were Carol Brehmer (Business Administration), Victoria Henderson (Business Administration), James Pockrandt (Computer Science), Jilliana Quinones (Business Administration), Hamza Umar (Business Administration), Misty Wolff (Accounting), and Tomer Zloczower (Computer Science).

Photographs courtesy of The Commons by Robert Colletta Photography.

Hamza Umar & Tomer Zloczower foreground with Misty Wolff & Victoria Henderson background James Pockrandt center Jilliana Quinones Victoria Henderson & Misty Wolff

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