Figure 2. Mature milkweed pods split. Photo by Link Hendricks, Oct. 24, 22

Hello and welcome to the Cofrin Arboretum Wildflower Catalog, a project being developed by participants in the Introduction to Technical and Professional Writing course.

Introduction to Technical & Professional Writing is a course dedicated to surveying the concepts, conventions, techniques, and “voices” deployed by professional writers. Working with the Office of Sustainability, our work in this course will focus on researching and recording scientific information, translating that information for a general audience, and then using professional writing to further extend the reach of that information.

This site is a collaborative effort produced by participants in this course. All pages (beyond this one) and supplemental materials are original works submitted as assignments.

We hope that you find the information here of interest. Even better, we hope that our work will help you celebrate the amazing flowers, plants, and other inhabitants of our amazing Arboretum.

This project came about through dialog with Daniela Beall and the Office of Sustainability and is intended to help develop a repository of information, lore, and media about the Arboretum’s flora.

The pages that follow are each dedicated to a single flower or plant found in the Arboretum. Information contained in each page includes basic facts but more emphasis has been placed on the subject’s cultural and social significance.

It should be noted, however, that these pages are not intended to be comprehensive. Our focus for the the course was to explore the concepts of professional and technical writing so there may be elements that have been overlooked. This is solely due to the lack of botanical expertise on behalf of the instructor, not the students.