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From Germany to UWGB: Nathalie Mueller

Name: Nathalie Mueller

Major: Business Administration

Year: Senior

Program: Hessen-Wisconsin Program

Get Active!

Taking part in a study abroad program primary means fun! There are a lot of campus activities and events to make your stay as enjoyable as possible, but which of them are really worth attending? First, I would suggest signing up for all trips that are offered. For instance, there is a kayaking trip to Door County, where you can not only explore the beauty of nature, but also get to know some American students. Also, the trip to Chicago is a great opportunity to visit this city for a low cost. Furthermore, Americans love and celebrate sports, which is why you should definitely attend some of the university sports matches. Sometimes they even provide free snacks or merchandising products! Finally, I recommend all kinds of shows. The hypnotism show is awesome, seeing hypnotized students dancing, rapping or freaking out on stage. And when there are any bands the atmosphere is always great, and the audience goes crazy. So, just go for it and have fun!


Photo and Post Credit: Nathalie Mueller

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