Mohamed Mohamed is inspired by scholarship and donors who believe in him

It’s impossible to not feel the passion in Mohamed Mohamed as he talks about his dream of providing education to children throughout the world over technology delivered by cell phone. But, he says, to help us understand fully, he needs to start at the beginning of his story.

“I’m the first born of six children. I was born in Somalia, Mogadishu, in the middle of civil war,” he says.

Education, much less college, was not an option for the young Mohamed Mohamed.

For the family’s safety, they were moved to Kenya, where at the age of 15, he was finally able to start school, and the world of education was like a door blown wide open.

The family was moved to the United States, where Mohamed Mohamed, at the age of 18, entered Green Bay’s Preble High School as a freshman. He took every class he could, even attending summer school to try to catch up with his American peers.

“I believe education is the key foundation to success,” says the man who received a typical 12 years of education in less than six, and at age 21 is now a computer science major in college.

Thanks to the help of scholarships, his dream is beginning to take shape with less worry about how he will pay for his education.

“If somebody gives you a scholarship that means they believe in you, that means they believe in the bright future that I hold,” says Mohamed Mohamed. “To have somebody that believes in me, it pushes me to do more and more every day. I feel this is a huge opportunity that not many people get so that’s why I’m so thankful.”

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