Why Green Bay Offers Such a Great Opportunity for Off-Campus Living

Heading to the University of Wisconsin to study this fall? If so, you may be trying to decide whether to live in an on-campus dorm or live off-campus in an apartment with a friend or fellow student or two. There are plenty of reasons that Green Bay is a particularly great place for off-campus living, from its affordability and plentiful lively nightlife venues to its vibrant art scene and friendly communities. Not to mention you’ll get a taste of independent living. Below, we take a look at why more students than ever before are choosing to live off-campus in Green Bay.

Affordable Cost of Living

Off-campus living in Green Bay, Wisconsin, is so appealing for many university students as the area offers an affordable cost of living. This means that everything from apartment rent to groceries is cheaper than many other parts of the state – and the rest of the US as a whole.

For University of Wisconsin students particularly, who usually need to live on a tight budget, this affordability factor is absolutely crucial to enjoying off-campus student life as a whole. After all, the less cash going out on bills, the more that’s left in the pocket for socializing and generally enjoying life.

If you decide to live off-campus for the course of your studies, having rent insurance for students is a wise move. If this is the first time you’ve lived away from home, renters insurance may not be at the front of your mind – or something you’re even aware of. However, for a typically affordable monthly payment, the stuff in your apartment will be covered in the event of fire, theft, windstorm, or vandalism. So you may not have to shell out a tonne of money to replace stolen or damaged belongings if the worst happens.

It’s a Great Place to Find a Job

Green Bay’s economy is booming right now, so if you’d like to take on a part-time role around your studies, it’s a great place to be. Jobs in retail, manufacturing, healthcare, and customer service are some of the most readily available roles, and whether you want to pick up just a few hours on a weekend or regular weekday evening work, you’re sure to find the perfect position.

Not to mention, of course, that it’s a great place to get your foot in the door of companies offering internships or work experience placements to support your studies, or pursue once you graduate.

Loads of Fun Things to Do

Student life isn’t just about studying – and off-campus living in Green Bay offers you plenty of opportunities to enjoy the many activities and things to see and do in its neighborhoods. As well as the local cinema, there’s a large botanical garden with hiking trails, an array of historic homes and museums, a vibrant art scene, and plenty of excellent restaurants and other eateries. The park at Titletown is a popular student hangout; here you’ll find outdoor games and free daily activities in summer, and a snow tubing hill and ice-skating rink in winter, as well as a full-sized football field.

There’s a lively nightlife scene in Green Bay, too. The city has over thirty bars and nightlife venues that shift into gear when the sun goes down. Whether live music is your thing, you fancy catching an evening theater performance, or you are simply looking for a relaxing wine bar to meet and chat with friends, Green Bay’s where it’s at.

Enjoy Independent Living

One of the best things about living off-campus is the chance it offers to spread your wings and experience independent living. You’re not subject to dorm rules, and you’re totally free to manage your own meal planning and schedule. Choosing to live with a fellow student or two off-campus is a great way to make things more affordable and not feel too intimidated by living ‘alone’ for the first time.

You may be surprised to find that, in many cases, it’s cheaper to live off-campus than on. Dorm charges may be higher than you think and typically include a meal element. This can typically be in the region of $500 a month. Conversely, living with a couple of student friends in an off-campus apartment in Green Bay could cost (in rental) just $200 to $300 a month.

Get Ready for Exciting (and Affordable) Off-Campus Life at Green Bay

If you’ve been leaning towards living off-campus when you start your studies at the University of Wisconsin, there are plenty of excellent reasons to do so. As well as being a much more affordable place to live off-campus than most other cities in the US, Green Bay has tons to offer in terms of outdoor activities, nightlife, and its booming economy. You may enjoy living here so much that, after your studies have ended, you choose to make the city your permanent home.

This article was written by mikej15